GTA IV's Story Is Better Than GTA V's

The Grand Theft Auto series is the ultimate commentary on modern America. Greed, lust, money, and crime are wrapped together into a Las Vegas buffet of a game that is entertaining, insightful, and overwhelming in its sheer variety.

What fascinates me most is the way GTA represents the tempo of modern culture better than almost any other medium. Everything from the music playlists, the polygonal landscapes that mimic real cities, the caricatures of celebrities, and the fascinating antiheroes. Whether you take it as allegorical, symbolic, or literal, the Grand Theft Auto series is the modern epic.

GTA IV still remains my favorite because of the story and Niko, who is my favorite character in the whole canon. He embodies and represents the American dream, twisted underbelly and all.

Walker3323d ago

Absolutely . GTA V's story was a total mess compared to oscar worthy GTA IV's story !

DarkOcelet3323d ago

In terms of story. GTA IV was actually very good but in terms of fun, GTA V takes the cake. Both were great games in the end though.

spacewarrior13323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

i don't understand how people can call GTAV fun. its just like GTAIV an empty city with awful activities like yoga and tennis with some of the worst gunplay i've ever played. then theres the online which is basically free to play in design. then theres the police who will come after you for anything you do. i've even had a person call the cops just because i was staring at them. thats not fun its annoying. ican understand calling the older GTA games like Vice city fun as those games didn't take themselves seriously but GTAV is as bad if not worse than IV. in many aspects IV is better like bette story, better combat, better atmosphere, better car handling, better gunplay and better online. how GTAV sold almost 50 million i'll never understand.

styferion3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

@spacewarrior1: I actually played GTA IV to completion yawning all the time, wondering when the main story will be finished and play through just for the sake of completing a GTA entry,

while GTA V on the other hand, I played it laughing and enjoying it, when the credit starts rolling the first thing I thought to myself is 'this game is too short'. That's just how much I enjoyed it.

I agree with GTAIV story being better though, but in terms of fun it's GTAV all the way.

LarVanian3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

@spacewarrior1, could I ask as to what exactly where you hoping to achieve by simply staring at a pedestrian in a game that offers skydiving minigames and the ability to go on rampages in army tanks? If that's what entertains you then I am not surprised you preferred the more mundane GTAIV.

GTAIV combat/gunplay was possibly the slowest and most sluggish I have ever encountered in a game. I'd have to force myself to stay awake during all those tedious warehouse shoot-outs in the game.
Also, I wouldn't say that a game which featured airplane hijacking, fighting a swarm of aliens and killer clowns during psychedelic experiences and riding a dirtbike on a moving train was something that took itself seriously :).

badboyz093323d ago

GTA IV was a let down. Besides the online it was a downgrade in everyway from it predecessor GTA San Andreas. IT was shorter,Smaller,Less cars,planes etc....

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Me-Time3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Agree to some extent. GTA V's story is somewhat jumbled and over-the-top like San Andreas's story. GTA IV was definitely "oscar-worthy". It didn't have the activities available to it which San Andreas did (like GTA V), but the simplicity of the gameplay helps avoid the "too many options for its own good" syndrome (look it up, it really does make sense, but it might not fully apply to GTA SA + V). GTA V loses that factor to it, or better yet, it gives the feeling of being bombarded with too many things to do in order to have the full experience; GTA V is better than San Andreas in a lot of regards, except for my main gripe, which is the technical difficulties the current gen and past gen console versions have that don't help the experience and leaves you feeling like it would be "perfect" if they weren't present. I do understand that GTA V wasn't initially, or intended, to be developed for current-gen consoles.

Don't kick my ass for saying all this. I still think GTA V, even the story, was likely better than what any one of us could have believed it to have ended up being.

Gwiz3323d ago

Nah,GTAIV's story needed dlc to make it less vanilla.
GTAV has that variety.

reallyNow3323d ago

i dont think that word means what you think it means.

diesoft3323d ago

Every time I hear that phrase I think of Inigo Montoya. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."


HammadTheBeast3323d ago

I agree, it took itself too seriously for a GTA game, and there wasn't much in terms of over-the-top missions and satire which GTA is known for. Ballad of Gay Tony was one of the best parts of GTA IV.

Me-Time3323d ago

Eh, I won't disagree with you there. I'd say it would be left to preference. I can take the insanity GTA is known for, but GTA IV was a breath of fresh air to many of us.

Vandamme213323d ago

Defenetly agree with that...gta4 story was way better than gta5 story and the shooting was way better to

DivoJones3323d ago

The driving in GTAIV was horrible though, every car drove like a boat. I'd see a nice looking car and go "there, maybe this one won't be slow and shitty" .. and lo-and-behold it'd be a corvette with a VW beetle engine.

WellyUK3323d ago

The overall game was better IMO, i played GTA 4 right up to 5 where i was massively let down tbh.

zsquaresoff3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Gta 4's story and the game were both rubbish to be honest.

Everything cool they did in the prevous gta games was stripped out on gta4. A very bland city and protagionist.

Gta: San Andreas story is better than both 4 and 5.

Vice city and San andreas > gta 4.