GameTrailers: Prince of Persia: Next Gen Speed Art Trailer 3: The Hunter

The Hunter is a fierce killer and a servant of the god of darkness.

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beavis4play3963d ago

if the hunter is an example of what we will be fighting in PoP then i'm on board.

Coke-a-Cola3963d ago

I have this feeling the original talent on POP Sands got moved left or right or fired or died or lost or something. NONE of the sensitivity came through in any of the follow ups .......NO not even in 3.
and this new one just looks HO HUM >>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>> crosses fingers.

Lyan3962d ago

I love the artistic style of this PoP, its fresh and unique. What I would really like is gameplay video, not 2-3 seconds or a cut-scene, like at least a couple minutes to really get a grasp on how we'll interact with these environments.

Oh and, that dude needs some sleep, a shower, a shave, and a haircut. He seriously looks like he just woke up.