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From the review: "Cities: Skylines brings the city building genre back after its near demise from other series' flawed game releases. The inclusion of large game maps, natural resources management, addictive progression system, and all of it running at a near-flawless technical performance make Cities: Skylines the new standard in city building games."

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crazychris41242758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I would give it a 9. Its well made and fun but theres alot they could add to make it amazing.

Disasters, day/night cycle, seasons cycle, weather, more variety of maps like mountains or deserts (has a map editir which i haven't tried yet maybe i can make my own), improved traffic and the most important thing it needs is a delete all abandoned, burned down buildings shortcut. When you far into the game, your city is 12 km x 12 km (6 tiles, can h o up to 9, 25 if modded), and your population is 75k its annoying to delete every building individually. By the time you get to the other side you have to start all over again.

Neonridr2758d ago

there's always updates and future DLC that could fix that stuff.

Still a great start for this game.

crazychris41242758d ago

Agreed. Hope they fix the traffic and add a delete all abandoned and burnt down buildings shortcut very soon

3-4-52758d ago

Love this game so far.

* I spent the first 3-4 hours just creating assets in the editor.

It helps to keep things a bit different in your city, but already I have a pretty nice looking small town going.

* Industry is starting to boom so I just started expanding.

One of the most addicting and satisfying games I've ever played in my entire life.


crazychris41242758d ago

Addicting is right, I booted it up at midnight just to see if i got the deluxe, pre order content since i was given a review copy, noticed i had some issues with my city so i went to fix them, didnt get off till 4 am

3-4-52757d ago

I spent the first 3-4 hours just creating growable buildings for people.

That alone is fun....the actual game is amazing as well.

starchild2758d ago

It's nice to see a really good city building game again.