Titanfall Action Figure Launches Nearly A Year After The Game

Today marks the first official day of sale for Square Enix’s Play Arts Titfanfall Atlas.

The bulky figure is currently at £99.99, with 10% being knocked off it’s normal price of £124.99. Your money gets you a figure of the Atlas, a pilot figure, interchangeable hands and two weapons (rail gun & chain gun).

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GamerEuphoria2756d ago

Bit late lol. I'm not a fan of play arts, the plastic is super flimsy. Neca stuff is far better, and cheaper

blakstarz2756d ago

I thought they had a statue figure if you brought the collector's edition?

Naga2756d ago

They do, but that's quite different from an action figure with articulating limbs and what not.

Multiplatguy2756d ago

I already got the Atlas with the collectors edition so I wish this was an Ogre or Stryder but I am all over this. Still playing Titanfall regularly, a year after launch. Favorite game on the Xbox One this gen.

donthate2755d ago

Yes, Titanfall was hands down the best shooter last year and one of the most innovative and fun game I played in a long long long time!

I got the Collector's Edition long after release after they dumped the price on it. It is still sealed! :D

700p2755d ago

Agreed. Really fun game!