PS4 a 'big evolution in game design, almost like 2D to 3D shift,' says FFXV director

PSU writes:

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata shares his thoughts on the impact PS4 has had on the games industry

johndoe112113276d ago

That's a pretty strong statement to make. I'm no dev so I can't say if it's true but judging from the graphical jump from last gen to this gen I would tend to agree more than disagree. After looking at killzone, infamous, driveclub and the order, it would be hard to argue.

vishmarx3276d ago

the order,for a year 1 game looking near cg is a HUGE technical leap,
i can only imagine what SSM's and ND's last games will look like

360ICE3276d ago

The Order was mind blowing.

I do think this generation is going to peak earlier, though. PS3 was a 599$ heap of impossible architecture. PS4 is more affordable and more traditional.

Timesplitter143276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

even more important than what they'll look like is what they'll play like.

Let's hope they don't play like The Order

nowitzki20043276d ago

OMG Uncharted 4 on PS4. Cant wait. I will go hibernate until Dec to wake up and find out its delayed :(

nix3276d ago

Apart from the graphical leaps, what i found amazing is the game load time. And everything is so smooth and swift.

Kumomeme3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

atleast 10x amount of memory assest leap from last gen..and lot of game starting to look like prerendered or cgi..atleast 2000 years cgi...
realtime cutscene become trend,open world..
last gen 35million poly per character already impressive..this gen..above 60million poly is commons...ffxv had 100 million poly,infamous ss 120,ryse 85(although at beggining should have 150)..quantic dreams dark sorceror in early ps4 devs kit also around 69million poly...
not mention more better and realistic animation due to more bone per character..and dx11 features really shines compared to past gen dx9...

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joab7773276d ago

I don't think the technological leap was that big. In a way, I'm glad b/c we will reach that graphics plateau earlier and begin focusing on gameplay etc.

Yeah. Games look better, but I feel like it's an extension of last gen, in which devs can make games look and play as they orginally envisioned.

johndoe112113276d ago

Show me a single console game last gen that came anywhere close to driveclub and the order. Just one.

Kumomeme3275d ago

it was big...if you see last year gdc presentation of infamous,ryse...and compared to last gen..it was huge leap...texture size,assets,physics,100 millions of poly per character (uc3 was around 35m)...realtime cutscene become trend..it was huge leapt

UltraNova3275d ago

Two moments that stack with me.

The change from 2D to 3D> Going from a Genesis to N64 playing Mario 64 was without a doubt the most WOW moment in gaming tech for me.

And laying eyes on the original Motorstorm on an HD tv for the 1st time...my oh my HD really threw it out of the park for me back then especially coming from those god awful CRTs!

So this gen IMO wasn't even close in terms of that WOW factor I described above, however I can certainly appreciate the immense increase in crispness, fidelity, better (miles better) color management and advanced engine assets. All these elements combined surely show the true extent of the upgrade from last gen.

Aloy-Boyfriend3276d ago

That's goof to hear. I believe the PS4 has a bright future ahead. It has enough power to deliver jaw-dropping experiences. Driveclub was just a start of graphical power and smooth and seamless gameplay serving each other.

I just can't wait for all the PlayStation Devs to finally jump to next gen. This gun b gud

3276d ago
MegaRay3276d ago

That because SE skipped PS3, focusing only in PSP/3ds/ps2 and mobile. Of course he'll feel like a big evolution.

Not saying there isnt, but I dont think it could be compared to the jump from 2d to 3d or SD to HD. Hope developers prove me wrong tho

KOIMOJO3276d ago

The thing is, from a design perspective sd to hd wasn't that big. Being at a lower resolution made things on ps2 like ffxii actually huge and pretty impressive from a design perspective. On PS3 a lot of the power went to getting the overall resolution and character models/texture resolution up to snuff. I feel like this new jump is almost completely going to design. The margin of getting better in the graphics department isn't huge but the worlds they are making are next level. That's why we are seeing so many games go open world, they aren't having to sacrifice detail to do it anymore.

LegoIsAwesome3276d ago

"I really feel that this challenge to create something that could not be done on any platform other than PS4 can only happen with the latest cutting edge consoles of the current generation.”

Then how did FFXV manage to come out in xbone and pc then?