Next Total War Game Will Be Total War: Medieval 3

Creative Assembly released a video about Total War’s 15 year. But there is something interesting on the Facebook announcement. Will Next Total War game Total War: Medieval 3?

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vetch3281d ago

I hope this is true, gives me hope.


Sega says Creative Assembly will return to genres it knows best after Hyenas’ cancellation

Sega has said Creative Assembly will go back to working on the genres it knows best, following the decision to cancel Hyenas.
It’s implied the studio’s focus will return to offline RTS.

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Marcello95d ago

Yeah Please SEGA or at least native VR support for Alien Isolation.


Alien VR… you’re sitting on a safe investment opportunity. VR owners are always hungry for new games.

Heck, explore RTS feasibility in VR, too. One hand washes the other…

Don’t chase fortnite.

-Foxtrot94d ago

Alien Isolation II...I beg of you

Continue her story.

Snookies1294d ago

Alien Isolation 2... That's all we need. That's all we've ever needed... The first game was a horror masterpiece!

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An exclusive look at Total War Pharaoh Amenmesse, Egypt’s angriest son

Total War Pharaoh's Amenmesse isn't happy with his position in the south, and our exclusive hands-on look explains the challenges he'll have to overcome.

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Total War Pharoah features new campaign customisation feature

There’ll be eight Faction Leaders to choose from...

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