Games to play while waiting for Diablo III

A crowd of ecstatic fans cheered when Blizzard announced Diablo III at the 2008 Worldwide Invitational and gave an early look at its gameplay. Then reality set in, and people were reminded that they wouldn't be fighting off the forces of hell again for a very long time. To help people suffer through the long "when it's done" schedule Blizzard sticks to, Big Download has put together recommendations to help gamers get their action RPG fix until it comes time to confront the Lord of Terror again. Check out their recommendations after the jump...

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Charlie26884459d ago

My number 1 recommendation: Titan Quest + Expansion

If you loved D2...BUY IT :)

(and its only 19.99 bucks for the Gold Edition)

Getting the Diablo Battle Chest or replaying the Diablo games is not a recommendation...its more of an obligation and regardless you are still gonna play/buy it anyway XD

mariusmal4458d ago

bought it and i think it's meh. it's fun but i got tired in a week.

AllroundGamer4459d ago

i installed Sacred Gold (Sacred + Underworld datadisc) once again, a pretty good game.

Tyrael4458d ago

Well i know this is blasphemy, but i never actually played out the Starcraft single player, so im looking into doing that