Could 'Wild Wastes' Succeed as a Cross-Platform Multiplayer Open-World Zombie Survival Game?

TouchArcade: Everplay Interactive (not to be confused with video service Everyplay) and Cookiebit, developers of such games like 1001 Attempts [Free] are hard at work on Wild Wastes, a game that's actually expanding out from the mobile focus that the companies are known for. They're describing this as The Last of Us meets Nuclear Throne as you explore a barren, undead-filled wasteland, dealing with the fact that you have one life. Die, and you'll come back in the world as one of the undead, which you can kill later. So it's roguelike-inspired but with persistent world elements. Kris Jones of Everplay demoed the game for us at GDC on a Surface Pro 3 with a gamepad plugged in, but showed off some of the touch compatibility already implemented.

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