E3 Hopes and Dreams for the Xbox 360

E3 2007 was a bit of a dud from Microsoft, and here is what they need to get themselves back on the right track this year.

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Venomous Fire3970d ago

Alot of good points and funny comments

MechaZain3970d ago

Dedicated servers is an XBL feature I'd love to hear announced

socomnick3970d ago

Its already there m8. Its all up to the developers to choose. The Xbox 360 has the same amount of dedicated server games that the ps3 does.

giantchicken3970d ago

Where's Giant Enemy Crab? This is a story for him.

Veryangryxbot3970d ago


1) HD DVD is dead; Blu Ray OWNED it.
2) Bungie left MS;
3) Bioware bought by EA, Mass effect PS3 announcement at E3 soon? EA loves PS3 now.
4) Bioshock went to PS3 genetically enhanced. Oh how it was just a few months ago that the bot army claimed that this game was the best of last year and will never go to PS3.
5) PGR4 claimed to be GT killer but behind the scenes, the PGR contract was terminated.
6) PS3 outsold 360 throughout 2007 despite Halo 3, the PS3 "killer".
7) PS3 continues to outsell 360 worldwide every month in 2008.
8) Multi platform games started with 360 having the edge in 2006 and early 2007. But look at it now. Most multi platform games have PS3 version looking exactly identical or SUPERIOR. You can tell the tide is changing even AMONGST the AVERAGE developers.
9) the story is different for BRILLIANT developers as they unlock the PS3s power and create games that are technically IMPOSSIBLE on the 360. Uncharted, Ratchet, METAL GEAR SOLID 4, GT5P, KZ2 and more.
10) The real franchises that matter, remain PS3 exclusive. FF, MGS, Tekken, Sony IPs, only on PS3.
11) XBOX live costs 50 bucks EVERY year, meaning that most bots are already down 100 bucks a year since they bought it in 2006 (highest xbox's sold in 2006). Whats your excuse now?
12) PSN gaining on LIVE and surpassing it soon with HOME. All LIVE functionality are available on PSN.
13) PS3 is innovation as brilliant new IPs which are both innovative, original and unique make their way to the PS3. Only to the PS3. LBP, Flow, Africa, Echochrome, Pain and more.
14) PS3 has WIFI, standard HDD, Blue tooth controllers, SIX AXIS, Dual shock 3, keyboard and mouse, standard HDMI, card readers and CELL making it the ONLY console which is truly futureproof.
15) 360 still suffers from RROD issues as it is the most unreliable and pathetic piece of hardware ever to see daylight in console history. When it bricks, its worth less than a piece of brick. Hence the term "brick".

No wonder analysts say that 360 lost tremedous "momentum". Bots, it will take more than just a few miserable announcements at E3 to turn to tide. In fact, its not possible to turn the tide anymore. A crazy bear driving a pink car isnt going to win this war for you.

Thoas3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

and to pay for Guitar Hero 4 timed exclusive like they did Rock Band 2

QueefyB3970d ago

i dont think jesus will help them with a miracle because i think even jesus knows the xbox 360 is going to be a failed charcoal grill

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