£289.99 Claptrap-In-A-Box GAME Exclusive Edition Goes Up For Pre-oreder

UK retailer GAME have officially listed their exclusive Claptrap-in-a-box edition of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

For £289.99, customers get themselves a copy of the game, steel book casing, 12 lithographs and a remote control Claptrap.

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-Foxtrot1849d ago

If Borderlands 3 came out and for their "Ultra" Collectors Edition it was this but with Borderlands 3 included along with a season pass for it then fair enough I could understand the price but this is way over expensive.

I hope people aren't stupid enough to buy it straight away because this will obviously go down in price. It's how I got my Halo Reach Legendary Edition for £39.99

PixelGateUk1849d ago

To be fair, i bought the Reach Legendary Edition and managed to make a profit, mainly due to people paying near £100 for the silly flaming head code

GamerEuphoria1849d ago

It's more expensive than the consoles to play it on?!

MasterCornholio1849d ago

"Buy me my minions!!!!"

Oh dear lord.

We are all dooooommmmmeeeeeddddddd.

SaveFerris1849d ago

At that price only serious collectors would apply. I'd rather spend that money on upcoming games.

Hipp01849d ago

It was actually available for pre-order awhile ago from GAME. They sold out and have apparently had more stock.

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