Predicting The Crucial Price Point For Sony's Project Morpheus

Sony announced a release window for consumers for early 2016 which begs the question: how much will this thing cost? It’s a huge deal for Sony and pricing can change everything.

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ravinash2758d ago

fingers cross it isn't going to cost me so much that my wife will be giving the silent treatment for a couple of days.

uth112758d ago

but if you are wearing this headset, you won't notice ;)

SaxScrotumz2758d ago

Oh man... that was funny!!

UltraNova2757d ago

Speaking of the silent treatment, considering I just forked out 300 euros on the Turtle Beach Elite 800's 7.1 DTS headset and my girl was like "are you f***** crazy baby???" and stopped talking to me for hours then I m sure she'll go bad-shit crazy when I get Morpheus next year to go with it!

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sprinterboy2758d ago


Plus no sex for month lol

Skate-AK2757d ago

Sure there will be VR sex games to help him out with that.

nitrogav2758d ago

As long as you have got the camera and move controllers already , I think the price will be £249.99 in UK . Sony would not be able to charge more than the console price in my opinion .

killagram2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I think the GameFanatics got it right - they'll be a few tiers considering if you already purchased a PS4 camera/headphones/etc starting in the $300 range.

Skate-AK2757d ago

Headphones are built into the headset if I remember correctly.

WizzroSupreme2758d ago

I'd pay $200 max and no more. VR's just not that hot of a commodity with the software to back it up, yet.

DennisC2757d ago

I have to agree. Much like the ps move I don't think people are looking to spend more money to buy unnecessary peripherals if they don't have to. Not to say that there won't be people who do buy into VR on day one.

DarXyde2758d ago

My thoughts exactly. Charging the same or more than the console's MSRP would be unheard of to my knowledge.

They would also need to be reasonable and not make it as pricey as competitors' consoles. The consumer mentality is likely "why would I buy this peripheral that may or may not get great support when I can get a console that has many more games?"

Given that the Wii U is $300, I'm guessing below that. We need to be careful about how much enthusiasm we show for Morpheus though. I think if Sony sees critical reception now, it'll influence the pricing. If they see we really want it, they'll probably inflate the costs.

Time will tell, but I imagine if it's launching next year, they're more likely to discuss pricing at PSX in December.

reallyNow2758d ago

"We need to be careful about how much enthusiasm we show for Morpheus though" i disagree with this 10000%. the more hype we show, the more sony is interested, the more developers are interested, the more likely we get lots of compelling software to accompany the unit early on, the lower the unit's price can be because sony can project higher sales volume. HYPE THIS THING LIKE ITS COMING TOMORROW AND JESUS IS HAND DELIVERING IT.

DarXyde2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Really now, reallyNow?

I'd have to disagree with that because Sony, while I love them, are making a point in maximizing profits this generation. Why leave out something as basic as custom soundtracks for so long? The objective, one could hypothesize, was to make money on Music Unlimited.

I'm not criticizing their business model; whatever keeps them in good graces financially and isn't outright anti-consumer I can live with it. But I am saying that I do believe if they receive enough praise, etc. on Morpheus and critical reception, it's entirely possible for them to consider to increasing the price. Why not though? 120fps, OLED display? That doesn't exactly come cheap.

reallyNow2757d ago

if we don't show interest, it wont see the light of day. like you said, its all about financials(as it is with EVERY company). if morpheus seems like a financial pitfall because nobody is interested, it will never be released. software will surely not be made for something nobody has interest in. new tech carries a lot of risk. if you cannot be rewarded for that risk, shareholders tell you to back off. if VR was already established, then yeah, show distain for the price if you want it to be cheaper by buying cheaper units from competitors. seeing is how this is a new tech on a closed platform, you better show some freaking hype if you want them to even bother selling it at all.

Skate-AK2757d ago

Your Music Unlimited point would be valid if they didn't cancel Music Unlimited for Spotify.

DarXyde2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I have Spotify, so it doesn't bother me. ;)

Thing is, Spotify isn't Sony's proprietary music platform, so they probably only see a small commission for users who subscribe through PSN, if any. My point is they eased up on their music restrictions, but look at the next thing which is still a paid service. The USB music support seems like a half-hearted attempt to make it better, but Spotify seems like a way to make money on us.

This is not a bad thing; I use my PS4 for Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant and I love having a platform that will soon have Spotify. I just think at the end of the day, they're a business trying to maximize profit. That's how you stay in business.

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