Why I Love: The Tomb Raider Reboot

Our PlayStation Enthusiast editor had and never been big on the Tomb Raider franchise; it hadn't tugged on his heartstrings like it did for other gamers. However, when Crystal Dynamics announced they were rebooting the series, and showed off the first trailer for "Tomb Raider", he immediately noticed it's similarities to Uncharted, therefore he was extremely interested.

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DarkOcelet2761d ago

I love the reboot so much but i kinda wished they ditch the multiplayer for a longer campaign because the MP sucked so hard. It felt like a useless waste of resources. Other than that the game was great, way too grounded for a Tomb Raider game but well done.

And i still hope the Dinosaurs makes a comeback in the sequel.

Applejack2761d ago

I finally got around to playing the reboot when it was on sale (who could say no to $14?) and I'm glad I did. It was a really great game that reminded me of Uncharted which I didn't mind at all. Wish the sequel could have released on the ps4 but oh well.

bradfh2761d ago

it's an xbox timed exclusive, so it will be coming to ps4 sometime in future.

Kingdomcome2472761d ago

I'm almost certain that they stated in one of the articles I read that they would be doing away with multi-player.

DarkOcelet2761d ago

Where did you hear that my friend? That would be the best news ever for the game. That means all the resources would go to making the campaign even more incredible.

Kingdomcome2472761d ago

I've read so many ROTTR articles that I'm not sure. In going back and searching just now I'm not seeing it. I could've sworn I'd read that, though. I hope I didn't just imagine it.

-Foxtrot2761d ago

Look I liked the game for what it was but it's not Tomb Raider, you could argue all you like but it's just not.

It was basically Uncharted on steroids with open hubs instead of chapters.

Lara's character development in the game was so poorly done, one minute she's this innocent girl who has never killed and then next she's shooting down enemy after enemy. There is actually a bit where she kills for the first time and she breaks down but it doesn't last, the next few mins after she's on her rampage.

I thought gameplay wise they would of used Stealth near the beginning and make it so there are maybe 3-4 parts where she has to kill, each one would feature a cutscene focusing on her break downs until she gets to her last kill which makes her realise it's all about survival, like maybe she manages to save a friend this time giving off the "It's either them or us" vibe. Then you could ramp up the gameplay and let her take down enemy after enemy since she would of become broken. Yet the whole thing was just so rushed.

I really felt with the game they were too focused on being Uncharted then looking back on the original Tomb Raiders and realise what made people fall in love with them. The puzzles were weak in this game and the tombs were optional...optional tombs in a TOMB RAIDER game. For me Uncharted was a third person shooter-action game first with small puzzle elements and Tomb Raider was a third person, platform-puzzle game first with small third person shooter elements.

As I've said multiple times I think they could of made a better SURVIVAL story out of the original Lara Crofts origin story with her plane going down in the Himalayas. The Himalayas mountains are a harsh environment and who knows story wise she could of stumbled upon a huge, undiscovered underground tomb. I mean they talked about survival in this game yet you had regen health instead of health packs, things which could obviously be found with how many people/explores have died on the Island.

I gave it the benefit of the doubt since it was the first game, but if the sequel does the same then I can't let it pass. It needs to be more Tomb Raider not trying to beat Uncharted.

I'm just fed up of games getting reboot or sequels and look/feel nothing like the originals. They feel like totally different games which could be new IPs if they didn't have the name attatched.

Roccetarius2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I only played the complete version on Steam for cheap, but i agree with what you said about it. If they're doing the same thing with the sequel, then there's no excuse for it anymore.

I also dislike what happened to Thief, but i doubt we're going to see another game of that anymore. Deadly Shadows and Thief 2014 were pretty terrible compared to the previous 2. I'm guessing those games suffered from mass market virus.

jagermaster6192761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Wow sounds like someone missed there yoga class am I right! Or maybe this guy is extremely upset with tomb raider due to the fact that it's not on his platform (ps4)of choice! Stop crying already it was a great game and I liked the changes they did if they want to make a game compatible to uncharted or maybe even better then go for it. If you don't like it shut up and go play something else!!!

-Foxtrot2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Are you bloody're bringing the whole timed exclusive thing into this. You've literally missed the point of my comment above.

Why bring platforms and exclusiveness into this ¬¬

Jesus Christ, I've been saying this stuff even when Tomb Raider came out...BEFORE the sequel was even announced, never mind what platform it was going to be on.

Telling someone to shut up is highly immature aswell, glad to know why you are down to one bubble.

" it was a great game "

Didn't say it wasn' apart from being immature you also didn't read my comment, or are you making stuff up.

" better then go for it "

So you'd want it to be a near Uncharted clone NOT Tomb Raider...what it's supposed to be

Perfect example of why games these days are loosing their franchises roots.

ger23962761d ago

Lol, sounds like someone missed their nap. There's no need to cry over tomb raider. it's a good game but it's not uncharted.

KiwiViper852761d ago

If people were shooting at me id probably shoot back too.

MysticStrummer2761d ago

"I liked the game for what it was but it's not Tomb Raider, you could argue all you like but it's just not."

This. This. This again.

Imalwaysright2761d ago

Yes it is TR. TR formula is still there. The difference is that the reboot focused less on exploration which is understandable because it's the story of how she became the cold blooded adventurer that we know her to be and not a story about her hunting for a relic. If the next TR doesn't focus on exploration then I'll agree with you.

MysticStrummer2761d ago

There could easily have been more exploration and puzzles, no matter what the story was. Those things are what I loved about the original Tomb Raiders. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the reboot, it just wasn't what I wanted from that title.

gamer78042761d ago

agree 100%, they mainstreamed the game, toned her personality and looks way down, and took away core gameplay mechanics and made them an afterthought. It wasn't a bad game by any means, i liked it "ok", but it certainly wasn't a Tombraider game.

Master-H2761d ago

Completely agree. I found it to be a great game, on level with Uncharted 3, below Uncharted 2, and slightly above Uncharted 1 in my opinion, but certainly doesn't feel like the older Tomb Raider games.

It was basically Uncharted with boobs and much more open environments.

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JWiLL5522761d ago

I liked Tomb Raider better than Uncharted 3. Better combat and some fantastic level design.

Disappointing it's not coming to PS4 considering it had the best version of the DE, but it gives me a good excuse to get an X1 at least.

etownone2761d ago

Tomb Raider was awesome...

looking forward to part 2.

not sure if I'd say its better then Uncharted 3

Inzo2761d ago

Well each to his own opinion, in my opinion its not even close to U3. And it is coming to the PS4, timed exclusive on xbox.

JWiLL5522761d ago

That could be up to a year. I've been looking for an excuse to pick up an X1 anyway, this is the first game that's a real "must have" for me.

Uncharted is my favorite series (see display pic), but I felt like 3 was a step back from 2. Tomb Raider brought some innovations to the genre and had better gunplay (plus that bow!). That and the open level design put it above U3 for me, despite having a much weaker story.

JWiLL5522761d ago

I know I missed the "this year" in my first post. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a 12 month exclusive similar to Sony's deal on Destiny content.

KiwiViper852761d ago

Or maybe it will be like every other timed xbox exclusive and be released to PC after 6 months or so.

SoapShoes2761d ago

I liked the reboot but it was too Uncharted. They copied a lot from that series but didn't have the magic that pushed it from good to great. Plus Lara was weak. She was always a badass but in the reboot she wasnt. I know that's part of the story but still didn't like that aspect.

-Foxtrot2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I think the voice did it for me.

For what she had to do in the game some of the dialogue didn't work because her voice sounded like it was coming for a really young girl...not a young woman.

I really wished they would of changed the voice actresses for the sequel.

That "I hate Tombs" bit in her voice....<cringe>

She was fine talking normally but when it came to screaming, shouting, being in pain it didn't sound convincing.

Roccetarius2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Instead of it sounding like someone being in pain, it sounded like a scene straight out of Californication instead.

JWiLL5522761d ago


Well...Camilla Luddington certainly had some impressive scenes in Californication.

That said, I watched an interview with Troy Baker and Nolan North. They admitted the "pain noises" part of recording is the most difficult thing to do well.

Inzo2761d ago

TR Reboot is a very good game but its not a great game, for me it will never be in the same league as the original and one of the reasons are, it deviates to far away from what Tomb Raider is about.
It went from being unique to klimbing on the bandwagon.

DaleCooper2761d ago

I would say even Tomb Raider 2 went far away from what TR was all about.

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