Shelter 2 Review - The Legend Of Tundra: Lynx Awakening (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn: "Nearly two years on, Shelter 2 promises great things. Instead of a beleaguered badger, we're now much nearer the top of the food chain as an agile lynx, tasked with caring for and training her litter until they grow big and strong enough to move on. The linear structure gives way to an open world of sorts, linked by a hub zone, ostensibly increasing the sense of scale and opening up new avenues for exploration. I must admit to being very excited about the idea.

But, unfortunately, Shelter 2 ends up being a markedly inferior experience. The very things that make it different, and better on paper, actually make it worse."

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TheImprobableMulk2763d ago

A shame it doesn't match its predecessor. I'll probably get hold of it eventually, but will definitely wait for it to come down in price a little. And for the backlog to clear a little bit.

Also, slow-clap for that sub-title :P

Blues Cowboy2763d ago

"Also, slow-clap for that sub-title"

One for the Zelda fans :P

Odd little game, definitely not one to prioritise IMO, but could be good for the summer.

bggriffiths2763d ago

Gorgeous looking game. Shame it's not turned out too good. May take a look anyways when it's cheaper.