DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Out Today on PS4 -- Launch Trailer

PS Blog:
One of the coolest new features is squarely aimed at giving a difficulty boost to well-seasoned DmC players looking for challenge. In the new Must Style Mode enemies will ONLY receive damage when Dante has achieved an S-Rank combo. Especially when paired with Hardcore Mode, where a high style rank is more difficult to obtain, the mode has tested the metal of our QA and anyone that’s gotten an early look at the game.

In fact, on higher difficulty modes, our guys have had to find some pretty creative ways to fight enemies on Must Style Mode. As you can imagine, fighting enemies that don’t have the decency to refrain from teleporting can be extremely difficult to get an S rank on. Just make sure you look around, the key to defeating them will be nearby.

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tinynuggins2767d ago

I had no idea this was out on Xbox one as well. Is this the first Devil May Cry on Xbox? Excited to check it out for the first time. it's been getting solid reviews.

Sevir2766d ago

Um.... no! There have been 3 DMC games release on XB. DMC4, DMC Collections and the Last gen version of DmC:Devil Devil may Cry all of which are availible for XB360 and dirt cheap. This is a remaster of the previous PS3/XB360 release.

DMC4:SE is also coming this summer for PS4 and XBO

Sevir2766d ago

This looks remarkable at 60fps with the added texture bump and higher resolution graphics. Ninja Theory did a fantastic Job.