Chrono Trigger Celebrates Its 20th Birthday Today

Depending on who you ask, there is a floating shortlist of games worthy of being called the greatest SNES title ever. Countless times Chrono Trigger appears in those conversations, mainly due to how strongly it resonates as a groundbreaking gameplay experience. To this day, it still holds up as a paragon of the RPG genre. That is why it's remarkable to think that, as the clock strikes midnight in Japan, Chrono Trigger reaches the ripe old age of 20 years old in the region.

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Geobros2761d ago

One of my favorite games!!

camel_toad2761d ago

Yep Id crap myself if we got a brand new one some day. Loved the whole game and very memorable characters. One of the best rpgs of all time.

freshslicepizza2761d ago

how come we don't have a remaster on new hardware?

2761d ago
Yetter2761d ago

Yep, probably beaten it 20 times. Playing it with an emulator on my phone now :)

SmokingMonkey2761d ago

Hell yeah!

I always have it on my Vita!

Favorite RPG.

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Snookies122761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Time to celebrate by playing the sequel! You know, the fan-made one. Because SE doesn't seem to give a crud about the series anymore. They sure do love ruining remake projects though, despite not doing anything with the IP.

vakarian752761d ago

Isn't Chrono Cross the sequel.

Snookies122761d ago

It is, in a sense, and I really liked the game. It's just, I want something to be done with the Chrono IP. If they're not going to make a new entry, at least do some kind of remaster...

Tex1172761d ago

I feel ya, but none of the "dream team" that created it is still there. As such, maybe its just better left alone.

Goku7812761d ago

One of the greatest games of all time.

crosstrigger2761d ago

Happy Anniversary...In Japan... NA release was August 22nd. I'm gonna marathon that day!

Kal-V32761d ago

That's a good idea. Might join you on that.

mamotte2761d ago

It was on March 11... oh well.

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