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GameZone: "Ori and the Blind Forest hangs the Metroidvania inspirations right on its sleeve, but it manages to carve its own space in the genre. It's beautiful, it's smart, and emotionally draining and yet uplifting at the same time. When a game manages to portray a meaningful parent/child relationship and then break you down completely in the first 10 minutes, you know the devs did something right."

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Applejack1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

The art style is beautiful and it looks just like a Rayman game. Hopefully I can play it tomorrow.

Cherchez La Ghost1846d ago


I just started playing Rayman this morning before coming to work. And to my surprise, Rayman is fun. But this game right here is getting some strong reviews. I have to check it out.

JeffGUNZ1846d ago

Dude, Rayman is legit lol. I can't believe how fun it is. Yet, Ori will be the first purchase I get with my paycheck this week. Can't wait.

Kingdomcome2471846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Rayman Legends is great! I feel confident in saying that if you enjoy 2D platformers then you'll really enjoy Rayman Legends. Not only is it beautiful with polished fun gameplay, but there's also loads of content.

OT: I can't wait to play this tonight.

Toiletsteak1846d ago

These reviews aren't helping, i need this game right now...

every since i saw the first video of Ori i have been so excited to play it, i can't wait until tomorrow and it is nice to know it is a 10 hour game, only down fall is that once you complete it you can't go back and collect everything so if you want to collect everything then make sure you do it before completing the game.

Lionalliance1846d ago

Do hope it sells good enough to make it to the ps4 in the future, so want to play it.

ic3fir31846d ago

the game is publishing by microsoft, the IP "Ori" Game rights belong MS.
Is impossible release on PS.

pivotplease1846d ago

Exactly. It's the same with games like resogun, journey, fat princess, etc. It's just one of those games the other systems won't see unfortunately.

nowitzki20041846d ago

Play it on PC. I will never own an X1 but can play this game.

1846d ago
nowitzki20041845d ago

Yeah Like when I buy a game for PS4 it automatically goes to my vita and PS3?

1845d ago
hangdang1846d ago

Well you can still play on PC if you have one. Won't need anything crazy to run it.

pivotplease1846d ago

Yeah this is sounding like a really good game. I love when smaller downloadable titles come into the mix and become more critically acclaimed than the bigger releases. It's like getting a AAA game at a fraction of the price (just subtract the AAA graphics and add a AAA art style).

jdiggitty1846d ago

Have you played Valiant Hearts? Another wonderful example of what you're talking about. And it's free on PSN now!

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The story is too old to be commented.