Bloodborne is Now That Much More Important to the PS4

ThisGenGaming Writes: We have all noted the issues with the recent release of The Order 1886 and the shaky acceptance both critically and somewhat socially as well by consumers. While this was supposed to be the start of an amazing season for Sony, with games such as it, Bloodborne, MLB 15, and games on the horizon/ future like Uncharted 4: Among Thieves and Until Dawn; The Order 1886 was supposed to be the kick off to the show that was about to begin. While many have still flocked to grab the game to see what a Sony-House Studio could do and see the graphical achievement that the game bares, it did not get the type of resounding ovation that many had expected in the months that came before its release. This is why pressure now falls to Bloodborne.

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MysticStrummer2767d ago

Not really. PS4 sales spiked and The Order sold well despite the bad reviews. I like the game, as does everyone I personally know that has played it. Bloodborne will be great, but it's not needed as some kind of saving grace.

remixx1162767d ago

Yeah they just won't let it be, I'm glad journalist's words no longer hold any weight or the order would have bombed from their consistent bashing. I don't think I have EVER seen any game get the kind of negative exposure the order got. After evolve came out I kinda expected it to get the same thing but no its not an exclusive.

I feel bad that I bought that damn game.

nucky642767d ago

I enjoyed the order too - I'm sure hoping for a sequel - I really like the story.
also, resoguns updated challenges and new dlc is awesome. and, as crazy as it sounds, I'm hooked on counterspy - one of the free march ps+ games.......and bloodborne in 2 weeks? I think things are good for ps4 right now.

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MRMagoo1232767d ago

The "journalists" will still keep trying , I don't know if they just hate the ps4 success , Sony or they just love be controversial but it's not working any more and they should just stop it already

I think it's because of the Internet and the fact sites make money from clicks because I never saw this kinda crap in the 90s when reading magazine reviews, the magazines knew they had to make good reviews to keep people buying the mag rather than controversial reviews to get the instant click.

AudioEppa2766d ago

I miss EGM. Their reviews were top notch, even if I didn't agree with some of their final verdicts, I always still read them because they never wear like the kind of reviews we get today.

When certain reviewers started using the system from personal attacks/money hits and when some Internet gamers started using Metacritic as a weapon for there "this games score is better then that games score" online arguments, that's when everything went to shit.

bleedsoe9mm2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

really we are calling a 13% bump a spike because of the order , sony must really be angry if thats all they got for there investment . just for comparison destiny ps4 sales went up 285% (and its not exclusive), not that its here nor there the ps4 is selling just fine .

MysticStrummer2767d ago

I didn't say it was a huge spike.

; )

We may never know what Sony expected it to do sales wise but I don't believe Sony didn't know what sort of game they were getting.

Just a theory, but I wonder if The Order was a bit of an experiment. Sony has been known to take risks on odd titles before, and The Order was an odd game for a TPS. Back when Uncharted 2 released I remember reading about how people would enjoy watching someone else play the game. That's cool and all, but it doesn't create future business. The Order's gameplay was very simple. Simple enough that someone who only watched Uncharted 2 might pick up a controller to try The Order, thus possibly creating future business from that person. Just something that occurred to me, and may not hold any water, but like I said I think Sony knew what they were getting.

Muzikguy2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I don't understand why everyone wants to be an analyst nowadays yet fail so miserably. The sales of the game have been fine. The system saw an increase as well. If that stuff happened on a game that "wasn't that great" I can only imagine what will happen after games like Bloodborne release.

I agree this is getting old. It DOES seem like people are finding everything they can to downplay the PS4 and the games for it. I suppose it goes the other way too.

OB1Biker2766d ago

'this was supposed to be the start of an amazing season'
'The Order 1886 was supposed to be the kick off to the show that was about to begin'

Well it is

medman2766d ago

Here, here.... I bought The Order and I'm glad I did. I played it through twice, and enjoyed it both times. It's far from perfect, but how many games are??? I'm looking forward to seeing where Ready at Dawn goes with the story from here.

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realplayer822767d ago

Shaky reception by consumers I guess selling 500k in 2 weeks is a bad reception now /s.

MysticStrummer2767d ago

If you're referencing the vgchartz numbers, which are only estimates anyway, that 500k worldwide would have been in one day. The game released on the 20th and the latest vgchartz guesswork is for the week ending the 21st.

bleedsoe9mm2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

we'll see how the order holds up in week 2 , it was on the preorder charts for a long time , massively hyped game for me personally , i kept that preorder even with the reviews , but i certainly wouldn't recommend the game to anyone at $60 . i'm guessing there day1 was good but it quickly feel off .

MasterCornholio2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

That was in a day not two weeks. I'm guessing it sold over a million copies already.

KwietStorm_BLM2767d ago

Again with this? It seems more to me like it's more important for bloggers to find reasons why people shouldn't be buying PS4. Good luck with that. And in case some of these new age gamers/bloggers don't know it, the average gamer doesn't sit and camp review sites to figure out what game they want. They watch commercials, go by word of mouth, or I dunno just buy what they want to. There are plenty of great games that get good reviews, but don't sell well. But it's these situations here that make headlines, that get article after article written up, because it's so easy to be that drop of vinegar when PS4 can't even fail on purpose right now.

KevWriter2767d ago

Yet another article about how Sony should be worried, and their future success lies in the success of(insert name of game). Meanwhile, PS4s continue to fly off the shelves.

MRMagoo1232767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I think the only thing Sony are worried about is having enough hardware made for the sales it's getting and then China coming up on the 20th. "Journalists" are a straight out joke now.

Master-H2766d ago

I swear I see these types of articles every time right before a PS4 exclusive comes out.

The media seems to want PlayStation to fail so bad for some reason.

zsquaresoff2767d ago

Here we go again.

I suspect we are going to keep seeing these type of articles whenever a ps4 exclusive is about to release?

It seems as if some websites have taken it upon themselves to make consumer question their decision on buying a ps4.

Its funny how you don't see similar question Asked for pc, xbox or wii.

Instead we get articles like "why pc gaming is the best platform to play on" or "why xbox is the console to buy this summer" etc...

Anybody else see a pattern, or is it just me?

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