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A full review of the HD version of DmC: Devil May Cry launching today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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Gwiz2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Like aaaa Deefiinnittiveee edition OE!!! Not touched for the very first time.

gangsta_red2757d ago

I'm not a fan of HD remakes, definitive editions or re-masters but I might take this game for another spin only because I did enjoy the action gameplay.

I still consider the original DMC's the superior games and this one was a western take on an otherwise excellent franchise that completely missed the point on why DMC was great. This dev replaced all the subtle Japanese humor and wackiness and replaced it with crude language or toilet jokes...they westernized this game for the worse.

Roccetarius2757d ago

Capcom was foolish for outsourcing development to a western company, removing all the core things likeable about the game and its Japanese design along with it.

Capcom as of now is not likely to take their time with a proper DMC 2 sequel, where Dante is fighting out of Hell.

ndrliang12757d ago

Really debating picking this up. Loved it. I liked the new direction honestly, liked it much more than DMC4. Wish it was $30 though. seems a little steep since it only has the one DLC added

blackblades2757d ago

I think they said they added more content as in modes, fixed bout all the issues etc.

Revolt132757d ago

Get itttttttt, smooth 60fps is awesome

Baka-akaB2757d ago

Honestly , it's doing what's missing and wanted in DmC originally (beyond tastes with the art , and the dissapointing story)...

I just dont feel like supporting it and giving it a possible pass for a DmC2 ... when i want DMC5 or another whole other direction .

i'll get DMC4 Special Edition instead and will be usy with Bloodborne , toukiden and type 0 anyway