USA Weekly Charts, 21st February 2015

USA Hardware by Platform:
3DS 111,015 (-30%) 14,743,791
PS4 69,960 (+13%) 7,217,539
XOne 51,358 (-9%) 6,562,751
WiiU 28,568 (-7%) 3,941,323
X360 19,038 (+9%) 44,424,547
PS3 14,505 (+8%) 26,667,211
PSV 5,194 (-0%) 2,066,238

USA Software:
1 The Order 1866 (PS4)
2 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (3DS)
3 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS)
4 Evolve (XOne)
5 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (XOne)

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DarkOcelet2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

The Order sold almost 250k in its first week in the US. Thats very good.

I think its safe to say that it passed the 1 million mark by now worldwide.

Also great numbers all around.

GribbleGrunger2766d ago

It certainly is but what's more important is that it was a system seller.

DarkOcelet2766d ago

Yeah, i believe it is.

I think the word of mouth is strong for this game, i believe many players enjoyed the game.

And i still think the game has a big chance of becoming seriously amazing in the second installment.

Concertoine2766d ago Show
bleedsoe9mm2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

doesn't look like it was , preorders for the order were probably very strong

LOL_WUT2766d ago

Good to know it toped the charts I hope theres a sequel I enjoyed it a lot ;)

JMaine5182766d ago

Well this had a 13% increase in the week ending the day after the game came out. I really want to see what the wending ending on the 28th looked like.

GribbleGrunger2766d ago

Denis, we can enjoy sales without it becoming a competition ya know.

DougLord2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

No that's terrible. Evolve outsold it in its US launch week. With 250k in week 1, this will struggle to sell 2mm worldwide EVER. The market was expecting it to sell 5mm-10mm. This is a big disaster for [email protected] and Sony. Titanfall sold 700,000 copies week 1 on a TINY install base. In fact I GAURANTEE this was not a top 10 release week for this gen. Might not be top 20. Gamestop is already flooded with used copies because it has no replay value and can be beaten in 1-2 sittings. The pre orders were strong as we're day 1 walk ims. Since then traffic has collapsed and week 2 the game may not make top 10.

MasterCornholio2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Just to be honest with you. With the way the PS4 spikes with every game I believe that every game is a system seller for it. I never once saw it drop when a new title came out for it.

dantesparda2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

243K in 1 day in the US (and Im assuming probably even better in EU) is not to shabby for a game the media was fiending to kill with everything they got (Im talking about The Order). And PS4 up 13% while the X1 is down 9%, looks like PS4 is about to take Feb too. With that being said, this is VGChartz, so take with a grain of salt.

MysticStrummer2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Hey look it's Doug! Funny how the game with "no replay value" is being replayed by myself and others. More modes do not necessarily equal replay value. For example, I still play Destiny but never play PvP.

Edit - revenant made a good point below. That's one day of sales for The Order, not one week.

@dante - Yeah this is vgchartz, but they do have a history of overestimating XB while underestimating PS so if they have PS winning it usually means PS sold even more and XB sold even less. It won't be long before the ground XB1 gained during the holidays is lost again, if it's not already.

chrismichaels042766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Congrats to Sony and the PS4 on its continued worldwide success. And as a bonus, its good to see The Order 1886 had another good week in sales as well. Its a pretty good game and a very promising new IP franchise that deserves to be supported.

remixx1162766d ago

Yay!!! Its Doug back again, I love breaking down your bull sh*t its more of a game to me now than anything.

For starters who predicted the order would sell 5 to 10 Milli"the market", lol that's funnier than anything patcher predicts. Also titanfall launched on 3 platforms dude, the order launched on 1 -tiny install base my ass-.

Keep in mind everybody he is just spewing bs, he isn't really serious I it's just fun to pick thru it I guess :)

NewMonday2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

1 million the Order sales will bring Sony $48 million($12 going to retail)and that should comfortably make it break even, sales after that should be straight profit

soon it should be at 2 million sales and that will bring Sony $50 million in profit, and lifetime cold sell 3m-4m, factoring in price cuts it should still be another $50m in profit.

so total profit from the Order1886 could comfortably be $100 million.

Kribwalker2765d ago

lol new Monday. It's not gonna hit 2 million unless it's bundled with the system. I've personally seen used copies stacked up at ebgames (Canadian GameStop) of at least 5-10 deep, 3 weeks after release. A used version will sell way more often then a new in box and people seem to be trading it in quite quickly

Prime1572765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Krib, that's not really how it works.

As someone who worked at a Gamestopstop for 2 years, those stacks go bye bye more than you think. Besides, they've already sold those from wholesale to retail.

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Aloy-Boyfriend2766d ago

Yes. I want a sequel. The Order already settled an interesting universe. Now let's improve upon 1886 and deliver the promises of the first. In my opinion, the game wasn't that bad.

DarkOcelet2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Yes, the settings of the game was well done combined with an extremely amazing atmosphere and beautiful ost that just fits the atmosphere.

SmielmaN2766d ago

Ya I enjoyed it. Great foundation to start a series. Next one needs a bit more pep/strong music, speed up the pace of the actually character. I hate being intentionally slowed while walking. Make the areas a bit larger for traversing. Also, the next logical step for me would be the ability to upgrade equipment. I liked it, just needed a bit more pep/color/pop. Graphics are incredible, just incredie. Truly a next gen benchmark, imo.

Also, I care not for the made up numbers on VGChartz. Have they made up the diff in their ps4 "sales" numbers to match the 20.2 mill sold by Somy? Last I checked they hadn't and it was close to 1mill undertracked.

Anyways, just a extra tidbit, yesterday I found the new MGS PHantom Pain robot arm limited edition for preorder on Got mine yesterday and would suggest anyone who wants one get onto your countries amaZon site and get it before it's gone!

GTgamer2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Yesssssssssssssssss all they have to do is build on the universe and the order would be amazing and i love galahad as a protagonist

nucky642765d ago

agreed - it was a very enjoyable game. I love the story. and, as far as the devs are concerned, their engine is now in place. they can devote all of their time (for the sequel) on the actual game - and this is good news.

Tony-A2765d ago

I'm really excited to get my hands on that game once my whole moving situation is straightened out! I've always enjoyed Ready at Dawn games and the reviews never phased me.

I stopped taking review scores into account the day that I saw IGN criticizing Uncharted 3 and deducting points for being "more of the same" with less of a wow factor than Uncharted 2, yet COD has been getting a free pass since 2007.

Side-Note: It's been well over a year and the PS4 is still selling more than both 8th gen competitors combined... Sony really struck gold with that one.

Sevir2765d ago

Well they used Uncharted 2 as their reference for This game, when they start the next game in the franchise they'll have other games to take creative inspiration from one more current design philosophies. Sandbox is the way the industry is going, giving players choices and freedom to approach every scenario as the see fit ala Uncharted 4, Dying light. Still keeps the tight focus of a linear narrative driven game but give us the opportunity to explore the environment and discover the universe by enviromnetal story telling.

I think the Order was fantastic. I hope the game reaches a million units soon and I hope the sequel ups the ante

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I_am_Batman2766d ago

Good to see as I really want it to get a sequel. I like the game for what it is but it feels like it is just the beginning to an awesome franchise. There is so much potential for awesome sequels it would be a shame if it didn't get another chance. I guess it'll need a lot more than 1 million sales for Sony to greenlight a sequel though. Hope it keeps selling.

DarkOcelet2766d ago

I think 2 to 3 millions will suffice. And i can see it doing that.

OB1Biker2766d ago

I think they started working on the sequel a few days after it was released if I believe Pessino tweet 'working on the future'
Still enjoying the game

revenant2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

@darkOcelet 1st comment

No! 250k in one day as it was released on 20th feb and the chart is for the week ending 21st feb

also Vgchartz is still undertracking PS4 numbers unless they track ps4 sales at about 600k for the last week in feb

Corpser2766d ago

It's week 1 sales, it will be nowhere in the charts in a month, already it's not in the top 10 amazon's ps4 best sellers list , it's selling below Shadow of Mordor and AC Unity

MRMagoo1232766d ago

1 day in sales actually in the usa alone.

DefenderOfDoom22766d ago

I do not understand why XBOX1 went back to a 400 dollar price tag here in USA.

N311V2765d ago

Despite all the disagrees your comment has received they can't argue with the fact that it's currently ranked 46th. A clear indication that it probably won't be in the charts for much longer.

RocketScienceLvlStuf2766d ago ShowReplies(1)
Clunkyd2766d ago

Just shows that reviews are irrelevant.

DarkOcelet2766d ago

Yup, I am glad people are making up their minds lately.

masa20092765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

How are they making their mind by buying something they have most likely not been able to try since it's a Day 1 purchase?

Just shows the power of marketing, people can be made to buy anything by plastering the media with commercials.

P*ss poor games like Homefront sold well enough too.
Even the pathetic Black Ops Declassified for the Vita sold very well (for that platform) and its "campaign" lasts 40 minutes with just a few MP maps.

Muzikguy2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I'm thinking people are enjoying this game. I keep trying to rent it but it's always out.

Good numbers all around

captainexplosion2766d ago

LOL at The Order having strong word of mouth.

Spookshow2765d ago

I'm glad new IPs do okay, that helps the industry in a lot of ways; still, The Order seems like a big letdown for a stellar new gen game, QTE, short campaigns and uninspired combat system is not what I'm looking to spend my money on. Hopefully a sequel could address these issues while maintaining the gorgeous settings and top-notch graphics / sound.

Sales-wise the game is doing decently for a new ip, but I don't get those losing it over 600k sales or 1 million for that matter, 1 million on a 20 million installed based 1/20, that's 1 among every 20 PS4 owners...

I can only hope the following new ips propose new exciting ways to play rather than better FPS or particle effects.

Chevalier2765d ago

I find it funny so many people talk about stacks of games in Game stop/EB (Douglord and Kribwalker) as if it means anything bad. I work at a EB Games and have for quite awhile.

You know which games have the biggest stacks? The games that sell the MOST. For example I have in my store 3-4 dozen of Titanfall, BF4, COD AW, Destiny and these games all sold 5 million+. If I see those huge stacks sales are generally with few exceptions extremely good for that game.

Go around and see how few copies of Sunset Overdrive you'll find. It won't be a lot and just look after a full Christmas how SSO actually sold? It only took day 1 sales of The Order 1886 to beat ALL the sales from SSO since launch for my store. In fact the 2 days of initial launch for The Order destroyed SSO sales.

Our company doesn't offer great trade for these games unless they are top sellers. Large stack = Good trade value = Good sales.

RedDevils2765d ago

Like I said, gamers vote with their wallet, unlike some the armchair on the internet thinking this game get bad bad reviews will stop it from selling, and even getting a sequel

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Rimeskeem2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I'm guessing a sequel is at hand for The Order. New engine, new dev, new game, sales well = franchise waiting to happen.

Maybe not a franchise but you guys get the point

Applejack2766d ago

There's nothing wrong with the dev team and definitely not the engine. All they have to do is improve on the gameplay aspect and make it longer.

Kingdomcome2472766d ago

I don't think he was saying that. I believe that he was saying there's a good shot at it becoming a franchise because all of those aforementioned things are already in place.

Rimeskeem2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I wasn't saying the dev was bad. I was stating that the dev is new to consoles and that they definitely showed they have skill. I was also saying the created a new engine to use for just the game and so I would only assume the engine was built from scratch to be used more than once.

Sry for any misconceptions.

greenmiker2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Vgchartz does not know that the name of the game is Order 1886 and not 1866? LOL!!

uth112766d ago

I can't tell you how many articles I've seen that made that same error!

DemonSlayer4202766d ago ShowReplies(6)