Cities: Skylines Review | Fixing SimCity's arrested development [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: "It’s time for us to finally move on from SimCity, as Colossal Order have taken the familiar aspects of city building simulators and given it enough of their own spin to make it fresh. It’s certainly not a flawless attempt, and will definitely need some post-launch patching, but the fun factor is there alongside the addictive gameplay. I guess you could even say that, for a first attempt, the foundations are solid as a rock."

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Blues Cowboy3324d ago

Oh hell yes, about time. Been excited about this for ages, glad to see that someone's seen the gap in the market left by SimCity's botched attempt (sad as Maxis' closure is).

TheImprobableMulk3324d ago

Despite the fact I got it a lot cheaper than the RRP, I was still angry at spending money on SimCity at launch. It's why I've approached Cities: Skylines with a bit of caution, but I'm very glad it managed to actually get the gameplay right. Might have to look at that £15 for this one deal I saw earlier...

Blues Cowboy3324d ago

It's a bargain to be sure. Shows how differently EA and PDX approach development and publishing - SimCity charged a ridiculous amount for a restrictive experience, whereas Skylines offers much more for much less.

I know which one I'd prefer!

bggriffiths3324d ago

It's hard to believe that EA messed up so badly with Sim City and this little studio has nailed it.

Blues Cowboy3324d ago

Passion and skill > fat marketing budgets and DRM. Who knew! :P

TheImprobableMulk3324d ago

In fairness, SimCity did act as a handy "what not to do" guide for Colossal Order to follow.


Cities: Skylines II Review - Boss Level Gamer

BLG writes, "Cities: Skylines II is a very worthy sequel to the popular 2015 city-building that improves upon the original. It could stand to use some quality-of-life updates, performance optimization, and mod support, but don't let that deter you from diving in."

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179d ago

What is the Difference Between Cities Skylines 1 and 2? Biggest Differences Explained

If you enjoyed the last entry and its myriad DLC packs, here's a closer look at the difference between Cities Skylines 1 and 2.

shinoff2183185d ago

The abundance of dlc is what keeps me from buying these games early , I'll pass. I will wait until a complete edition is available. Love these types of games though.

Terry_B184d ago

Well..that means you have to wait for probably 7 years..and even than its not sure there is a complete edition. Even now..8! years after the release of the first game..you have to pay 325€ for the game with all so far released dlc.

shinoff2183184d ago

I'm fine with that my backlog goes back to snes, your also missing base game is practically free and dlc goes on sale constantly. Cities skyline 1 alone with dlc can be had way way cheaper then what you stated.

JackBNimble184d ago

Well if you're a console owner you don't need to worry because it's been delayed until at least spring of 24 and they've refunded all console preorders. I was refunded even though I never asked for one which kind of makes me wonder if they can even get cities working properly on console's.

They've also upped the recommended specs for pc

178d ago

Player Brings Tetris to Cities: Skylines in Stop Motion Blockbuster Fusion

From GameWatcher: "Tetris has come to Cities: Skylines, courtesy of one player's creative use of stop motion and in-game screenshots to put together a short clip that attracted a lot of attention from the city builder's community.

It all unfolds against a rather flowery background, reminiscent of a welcoming park or garden in which you can relax. Tetris pieces leave their box at the top of a green rectangular arena, gently making their way to the bottom. When they form a complete row, they flash before disappearing."

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