Hotline Miami 3 teased in Hotline Miami 2 has discovered a teaser for Hotline Miami 3 in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

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Becuzisaid2385d ago

It was always supposed to be a trilogy. No surprise.

Rhezin2385d ago

where did you read this? This is the last in the series they've said so numerous times including at E3 and PS experience. They put a level editor in there so you can make you're own sequel. I believe they're working on a new IP.

Becuzisaid2385d ago

I swear I read it some time a little before the first game released but apparently I'm going crazy. Lol. My bad.

jambola2385d ago

well to be fair the description for this game told me it was definitely the last one, but in the most sarcastic way iv' ever seen

WESKER20152384d ago

game is amazing, i enjoyed hotline 1 immensely, will defo pick number 2 on ps4