How to set up your first Heist in GTA Online

GTA Heists kept us all waiting, huh? Well, better late than never, so here's a rundown on getting started with your very first multiplayer bank robbery in GTA Online.

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wakeNbake2330d ago

So is it still down for ps4? SMH whatever, this gen Ive learned to expect the worst anyways.

Snookies122330d ago

I didn't even bother trying honestly. I figured the servers would be overloaded with people trying to play. Waited forever for heists to come out, another day or two won't kill me. Hopefully, lol.

sinjonezp2330d ago

I swear I feel the same way. When a game first come out I do not even try the online aspect because servers never work. DBZ Xenoverse still doesn't work good. I wait a few days. I remember the debacle of Destiny on ps4 and they claimed they were ready.

Nekroo912330d ago


Its down for every single platform... so it doesent matter if its current or old gen.

Valenka2330d ago

"How to set up your first heist."

Thanks, as if the game doesn't already walk you through that.

parentsbasement2330d ago

I just now got done with one , ....glitch's all day and got kicked a few times but they were working.... $69.000.00 was my cut plus $100.000.00 one cost $40.000.00 up front though....

lemoncake2330d ago

Shame that 100,000 bonus is a one off, the pay on the heists is still decent but that would have made it much more worth it considering the amount of time it takes to organise and run them.