Latest GTA V Update Adds More Than Heists; Graphics Options and More

The latest GTA V update adds more than the long-awaited heists.

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Dawknight3162767d ago

Its about time the allow us to fix motion blur

PersonMan2766d ago

Too bad it doesn't do anything.

PONTIAC08G8GT2766d ago

Too bad the servers are up/down every other minute. I complete a heist and unlocked a car. Bought the car and fully upgraded it. Later in the day I went back into my game and my car was gone, along with all the clothing upgrades I made to my character and no record of me completing that heist, except the game now is giving me the next heist mission.

Long story short, all my progress wasn't saved. Awesome. Didn't Rockstar plan on a LOT of people downloading that DLC yesterday and playing? Not only did you take 1.5 years to get DLC out but the servers can't even hold players. Not to mention I couldn't even log in last night.

VENOMACR12272766d ago

Same here. Me and a couple friends beat 2 heists, trying for the $10 million award, and naturally none of games saved when we got back on last night. Really a shame because the DLC has been pretty fun so far.

waltyftm2767d ago

Really happy with the PS3 update, except for 1 thing, my character's face looks slightly different, she just doesn't look as pretty as she used too :(

FullmetalRoyale2767d ago

It happens to the best of us.

poppinslops2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Same thing on 360... My guy's ruined.

I spent a good half-hour making him look like me (not an easy thing with their character-creator), but now he looks like a frikkin' mongoloid - with his GI Joe jawline and meth'd-out eyes.

Don't R* know that a bounty hunter has to at all times look badass?

They should either give us a do-over or patch in a cosmetic surgeon... it's L.A, after all.

Botox on the beach!

waltyftm2767d ago

Not just us, shame as i really liked her look.

MysticStrummer2767d ago

"They should either give us a do-over or patch in a cosmetic surgeon... it's L.A, after all."

Agreed. We should be able to change our character's look any time we want to. I was going to redo mine when I got the PS4 version, but somehow I skipped right past the option. Like you, I spent time trying to make him look like me but finally gave up and the result was a character even uglier than my Demon's/Dark Souls and Oblivion/Skyrim alter egos, which I didn't think was even possible. Your cosmetic surgery idea makes total sense for the setting.

joydestroy2767d ago

realism at it's finest. your gf/wife will look busted with time too ;)

RocknRolla2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Motion blur, a separate option for the camera and all your settings get reset to default settings.

That's not really "Graphics options and More". Is this seriously getting this much heat over motion blur? Not buying it something is up no way this story gets so much heat in so little time yet the other stories under 200 are far more interesting.

The story just jumped from 260 to 300 on the main page yet clicking on it showed 270 is N4G screwed up atm?

nerdeu2767d ago

Here is the full update/fix list if you're into details:


Update 1.07 for PS4/XO and Update 1.21 for PS3/X360.

BattleTorn2767d ago

hmmm, even theirs don't go into detail on what the new camera setting is

MrSnrub2767d ago

Are there more spoons than there are people on Earth?

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