RetroBlazer-Pay Attention To This One On Greenlight

SteamFirst: There have been numerous games in the past few years designed to bank on our nostalgia. From platformers to RPGs, the retro-revival style is no longer so much the new black; it’s more of a muted grey from use. That said, while Serious Sam and Painkiller have run with the classic first person shooter style and iterated on it, I cannot think of a stand out example of a true throwback to the days when Powerslave and Redneck Rampage were serious contenders for use of our gaming time.

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Failed Kickstarter Videogame Campaigns & Data Analysis For Feb 2015

Marcus Estrada writes: "Every month Kickstarter sees a great many wonderful successes. A few campaigns are lucky enough to be funded within days of launch while others stress us out with near photo finishes. Of course, there’s not infinite money and backers to go around so not every campaign makes it. This post is to honor some of the coolest-looking campaigns which fell short of their goals this time but might make it with a bit of campaign restructuring, further game development, and the like. Of course, as fans of crowdfunding we also see that many people simply don’t put time into creating a project. First we’ll be presenting some personally-selected stand out campaigns before delving into making sense of this month’s data."

Mankey3340d ago

Curious, always good to analyse things like this.


RetroBlazer Feels like Doom by Way of Saturday Morning Cartoons | Joystiq

Joystiq - Amil Parra isn't a big fan of violence. That might sound strange coming from a man designing an homage to '90s sprite-based FPS games like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, but one look at the game in motion and it becomes obvious that the inspiration Parra draws from those games is the feel, not the aesthetic.

Meet RetroBlazer: a PC game that feels like a 1994 run-and-gun shooter, but looks like something you'd catch between episodes of Biker Mice From Mars and Mighty Ducks (that's the cartoon featuring space-ducks fighting space-dinosaurs by the way, not the live-action film featuring a lawyer fighting to be a better person).

AKissFromDaddy3373d ago

Likely no gamepad support and that would be disheartening.


PAX South: Retroblazer is a Throwback FPS with a Lot of Pink | Hardcore Gamer

Let’s face it, modern shooters are getting a bit bloated. New and exciting features are great, but sometimes it’s fun just to go back to basics, and that’s what Retroblazer hopes to do.

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