FYC Review – Ori and the Blind Forest

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When Ori and the Blind Forest was first shown off at E3, I think everyone immediately sat up with interest based on the sizzle reel they showed. It was a beautiful looking old school side scrolling platformer with stunning audio, and an engaging atmosphere. The buzz surrounding Moon Studios new was immediate.

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XB1_PS42767d ago

I'm very happy for Moon Studios. This game looks, and sounds incredible. Can't wait until tonight. I think this will be one that I can replay often.

nowitzki20042767d ago

Looks like its good. Will have to get it for my PC

hangdang2767d ago

Looking forward to picking this up on Steam

Crazay2767d ago

If an old school platformer is what you crave, this is the game to fill that gap.

christocolus2767d ago

I hope most people get to experience this game, Doesn't matter if you play on PC or Xbox, Microsoft and Moon studios have something special here and anyone who loves great games especially platfromers should support them.