Konami details data transfer from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes to The Phantom Pain

Konami has provided some details regarding the data transfer that will allow you to transfer your Ground Zeroes save file to The Phantom Pain. Not much has changed here, but there seem to be some requirements.

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jackanderson19852756d ago

it's a shame they don't allow interconsole transfers.... i got the MGSGZ for free on the X1 but prefer to play metal gear games on the playstation. don't want to shell out cash for something i already own a second time

soniqstylz2756d ago

There was a sale a few weeks back where it was about $7 on PSN.

jackanderson19852756d ago

yep there was, doesn't help my situation though

WildArmed2756d ago

Maybe they'll decide to throw in GZ into MGSV.
Then you can just play it again I guess?

twiggytree122756d ago ShowReplies(3)
DarkOcelet2756d ago

Whats the something 'cool' Kojima talked about earlier? The Chicken Hat maybe?

Nyxus2756d ago

It sounds like it has something to do with being able to revisit Camp Omega, and apparently it's something that has never been done before in the industry.

DarkOcelet2756d ago

Thats nice to hear. Kojima always come up with crazy and innovative things in his games. I expect no less in this one. The wait for this game is killing me.

I honestly don't know how i will be able to wait for Silent Hills, i am a huge fan of the franchise.

UltraNova2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I remember reading a Q&A a long time ago when Kojima was asked what new stuff should his fans expect from him in the near future and he replied "I have some really exciting things my fans will appreciate" (edit*I will try and find the interview it and post here)

Then a couple months later we got the Silent Hills PT demo.

That's one example.

So when the man says to expect something good we should listen.

GetSomeLoGiK2756d ago

Everyone gets the chicken hat, it's to make the game easier hence why it's a chicken hat cause it makes you look rediculous and not serious.

thehobbyist2756d ago

Is it like "I wanna be the guy" where the easiest difficulty puts a pink bow on your head?

Gatsu2756d ago

Something that has never been done before in games ;), so it will be quite epic I think!

Not sure was Chicken Hat done before, but anyway that Hat kicks ass! It's legendary cool lol XD.

DarkOcelet2756d ago

Does everyone here get disagrees for saying anything? lol.\

I think the idea of visiting Omega camp will be cool, i dont know what kind is the new thing that he is talking about but it will surely be great to check it out.

Gatsu2756d ago

I dunno lol, maybe there is some MGS-hater lurking here who disagree with everyone :D...

WildArmed2756d ago

The chicken hat is just for people who play on easy.

On a side note, I should go back to pulling out prisoners so I'll have 100s of staff members when MGSV launches /evil laughter

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hiredhelp2756d ago

Kojima taking care of the fanbase gotta admire him didint have to do this but he obviously thought it be cool and it is.

Sokol2756d ago

I have digital copy of ground zero, I wonder if the data will transfer over when I purchase the retail disk copy of MGSV.

I have a feeling I will have to either but digital copy or re-buy the ground zero on the disk, which I'm sure is pretty cheap at this time.

The_Sage2756d ago

They talked about this in the article. As long as you have the same account, it will transfer. Tisk tisk for not reading. Lol

hiredhelp2756d ago

Yeh pritty much what Sage stated if read article as long as its tied to same account as ground zero your fine just make sure you have kepts your save file! Idk somert telling me this maybe needed for game read your ground zeros data.

Sokol2756d ago

My bad, I did read the page but wasn't sure what the same account ment. Either way that's great news, thank you for the clarification :)

Look forward to the game release.

WildArmed2756d ago

It'll work.

Platform matters more than the distribution method.

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OdieEsty2756d ago

revisiting Camp omega sounds really interesting. they make it sound like more than an item or a soldier, something more complex.

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