This Guardian is turning his back on Destiny

MWEB GameZone writes: "Why a faithful Guardian decided to leave his post."

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plut0nash2766d ago

I guess it had to happen :)

SonZeRo2766d ago

I gave up on Destiny long ago, Even though i never played it seriously i still felt that the game needed something.

Edito2766d ago

People keep talking about The Order game length but they forget that Destiny is the game that had a very short story i liked but its very short and for that killed the game because i like to pay for completed stories or at least with some substance...

GameSpawn2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

That's because 90% of Destiny's story is buried in the Grimoire cards. If you read some of them there is a lot of backstory and information there, but many people either do not have access to or care to load up the Bungie website or the Destiny Companion app to "read up".

As with the article, I agree that they definitely need to increase the vault size; 100 of each category or 500 mixed would be plenty. Something that wasn't mentioned that is a 100% MUST HAVE is the ability to skip the damn cutscenes you've already seen. I can't tell you how many times I've seen "We've woken the hive!".

Spinal2766d ago

That's cause Destiny isn't a offline single player game. Destiny is a multiplayer game first and foremost. And has farrrrrrrr more content and replayability than the Order will ever have.

JeffGUNZ2766d ago

Who cares? I am so tired of these pointless articles. So many people stop playing every game ever, yet we don't see these nonsense articles? I love this game, but even I am at the point where I have done everything and am a Crux away from owning everything in the game. Yet, I will just play this game for the Crota CP and then play OTHER games till HoW release. Do I need to start a blog about this, or write an article about it?

GabeSA2766d ago

So its pointless, yet you read it?? The article speaks to the expectation rather than purely the content. Sure, there are many articles out there that speak of Destiny in a way that makes them all seem like its a big old whine. But its a point of view, shared by someone that plays the game, whether you agree with it or not. If it is pointless to you, so be it, but then when you see the heading, just avoid these types of articles altogether. Save yourself the frustration.

DivoJones2766d ago

He probably didn't read it, or skimmed it like I just did. Look there's probably a dozen posts exactly like this on the Bungie forums. He's got a good point, there's millions of players who've played Destiny, we don't need an article for each of them.
There's nothing in the article that hasn't been beaten to death already. RNG sucks, repetition sucks, and so on..

JeffGUNZ2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Gabe, I skimmed it. I get the context. It's just beating a dead horse at this point. It seems to be the only game that gets these "I am finally done" nonsense. Every game runs its course and this game is no different. It's just comes off like some entitled person expecting $500 worth of content in a $60 price point. This game release in September, his "expectations" mean nothing in March.

@ DivoJones

You get it man, thanks!

TM3332766d ago

Dude! I gut Crux last week LOL! Finally:) I feel I can relax a little, at last.

rhap2766d ago

I played for 3 weeks then retired. The lack of matchmaking for Nightfall and Crota killed it for me. I don't have many friends playing console games (most of them are on PC) and it was awful to get a group going in game without chat option.

And yeah, I don't care if you need coordination and stuff like that, I just wanted to try it and eventually get it done in the hard way.

admiralvic2766d ago

"The lack of matchmaking for Nightfall and Crota killed it for me... And yeah, I don't care if you need coordination and stuff like that, I just wanted to try it and eventually get it done in the hard way."

I see comments like this and wonder how much effort you applied before giving up and started making comments like this.

If you don't care about quality, then you should have been able to get a couple of people that wanted to do the nightfall or Crota off a site like LFG within minutes. Takes like 20 seconds to list your guardian and while it's arguably a tedious step, it isn't like it's impossible to find people if you apply minimal effort (post on reddit, here, gamefaqs,, DestinyLFG, etc).

Furthermore, it's entirely possible to solo most of Crota without a high level, amazing guns or other people and every nightfalls can be completed solo. Sure Omnigul might be too tedious to solo, but they can all be done.

GabeSA2766d ago

I agree that its easy to get a group together for a raid. I use Bungie forums #Raid and it works just fine.

rhap2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

When I wanted to play a 1X1 match on Starcraft, I had to ask people or join a created game with that purpose, but that was 17 years ago. We are in 2015 now, quality online games should have some kind of matchmaking and chat option. I want to get from work, sit on my couch and play without having to trouble with posting around, checking websites and stuff like that.

The game is fun, but there are many other fun games around that doesn't need me to do the developer's job.

admiralvic2766d ago

@ Rhap

"quality online games should have some kind of matchmaking and chat option."

I'm not going to argue about the chat option, as there is one ( ) that is quite limited, many don't know about, could be better and should have been there from launch, but I think a lot of people who've played the raid would agree that there shouldn't be a matchmaking function.

I've played too many games with random people off LFG and such and getting a bad person can turn a 30 - 45 minute mission into a 2 - 5 hour time sink. Now if you add in people who might be severely under leveled (you can start the normal raid 3 levels under and by the end do 0 damage), lack a mic, have no idea what they're doing and so forth, then you'll most likely spend significantly more time trying to successfully do the raid with them than finding five decent or better people off LFG.

Don't get me wrong, I understand you want the process to require absolutely no effort from your part and think that a system that doesn't give the option (even one that would be a total waste of your time) is a bit silly, but when push comes to shove, I am willing to bet you would rather find a team that can quickly do it, than play with randoms that can and will make the raid feel impossible to complete.

kstap332766d ago

This guardian quit after reaching level 7.

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