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Despite these nitpicks, Excave is a decent hack and slash game that can be picked up and enjoyed in short gaming spurts. There isn't much of a story and the character development is non-existent. If you just want to explore and hack away at enemies, Excave will meet those requirements at the affordable price of $4.99 on Nintendo's eShop.

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Alexious3126d ago

I guess it's a poor man's Diablo

ccgr3126d ago

pretty much, though Diablo looked prettier


Excave Review | Gamer's Palace

Gamer's Palace: "The small price of 5€ already tells you that Excave is a small game. However, the game has to many flaws and drawbacks. Whether the use of the touchscreen, the rather complicated control, the opponents that are always the same or the lack of opportunities, actually there is a lack of anything everywhere."

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Excave, the Japanese dungeon crawling RPG, hits the European 3DS eShop next week

Pocket Gamer: Teyon has announced that Japanese studio Mechanic Arms's dungeon crawling RPG Excave will be out in Europe on March 26th. It'll cost €4.99.

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Excave (3DS eShop) Review - 3DS Pedia

"Excave has the potential to be a good game, but its many small frustrations add up and it doesn’t satisfy."

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Jimboms3141d ago

Looks alright, may not get it though.

wonderfulmonkeyman3141d ago

Sounds like one of those games you get as a cheap rental or only take if it's going for a couple of bucks.