Xbox One, External Hard Drive Guide

Xbox One UK takes a look at Portable hard drives for the Xbox One.

One question the staff at Xbox One UK see on a daily basis, is what External hard-drive should I get.

So here’s a few tips on what to look for.

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Gazondaily3394d ago

Really helpful topic. Bookmarked.


I have the Seagate Expansion, works like a dream but I went for the 3tb version just so didn't it fill up too quickly.

3394d ago
bloodybutcher3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I was about to ask which hdd did you get, then i remembered that it's x1 article and i own only a ps4 xD external hdd support would be great...
Edit: how is it iwth games? Is it possible to run them from external hdd?

LexHazard793394d ago

Yes, you can run everything from external if you wanted.

ShowanW3394d ago

I have a Western Digital 4TB MyBook hooked up to my Xbox One.
The good, I have a ton of space. I have about 30-40 Xbox Games installed on the drive of various sizes ranging from 45GB to 300MB and only have used about 14% of drive space.

The Bad... This had made me lazy with uninstalling games. Example Madden 15 (Thank you EA Access.) installed and I have yet to get uninstall Madden NFL 25.

I may get a 2nd smaller USB version, so when I go see my brother and nephews they can try my games out.


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