Ubisoft Dev Admits That Far Cry 4 Suffered from Cross-Generation Development Decisions

DSOGaming writes: "At this year’s GDC, Stephen McAuley, Technical Lead at Ubisoft Montreal, talked about the challenges of creating the world of Far Cry 4. During his talk, Stephen admitted that Far Cry 4’s cross-generation development had a negative impact on Ubisoft’s decisions. In other words, the game suffered from its cross-generation development, something most of us already – pretty much – assumed."

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MasterCornholio2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

What about Unity?

That game wasn't cross gen and it had plenty of problems.

bouzebbal2767d ago

i just see that as a way to hype and tease the next far cry.

freshslicepizza2767d ago

these games suffer from the same illness, trying to ship products on time instead of delaying them until they are as good as possible. you can also ship games on cross gen platforms without issues. it's called separate development teams.

pecorre2767d ago

Problems =/= development decisions

MRMagoo1232767d ago

It suffered from ubisoftitus, a rare medical condition that is passed on from each ubisoft game to the next whilst becoming more virulent.

wallis2767d ago

A most terrible disease.

Phoenix762767d ago

Glad that haven't started an TV ad appeal.

Pls donate just £50 every few months so we can help keep this terrible condition going all the way through to the next gen of consoles. Thank you. Lmao

Roccetarius2767d ago

Something any knowledgeable gamer would've known already. But even then, the new machines are causing compromises to potential as well.

kstap332767d ago

I've had no issues with Far Cry 4. The game looks and runs great on my Xbox one. Viewing the game clips on my Surface look spectacular.

BC_Master_Haze2767d ago

Kstahp. I don't think you get what they're saying, yes the game plays well on your XB1 and looks pretty good, but it could have looked better, possibly played better and had a lot of new features rather than being a cut and paste of far cry 3 due to the technical restraints of last generation.

ThunderPulse2767d ago

Which division of MS pays you to advertise the Surface?

kstap332767d ago

I wish. Just staying a fact.

Omar912767d ago

I just recently bought far cry 4 (first far cry game ever) and its amazing. Had no idea what i was missing. But yeah the game runs perfect so far

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The story is too old to be commented.