Destiny weekly reset for March 10: Heroic and Nightfall strikes detailed

Destiny’s weekly reset is here with two new strikes, and a reset to everyone’s total cap of Crucible and Vanguard marks.

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BC_Master_Haze2758d ago

Yeaaaaah no lightswitch :D I wouldn't mind if it were a melee burn, but it's so one sided it rewards camping out in a corner, all risk no reward

CorndogBurglar2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

To be fair, this mission rewards camping out in a corner also, especially with all damage burns.

Pretty much everything can kill you with one or two shots. Especially the Hobgoblins that litter this level.

Point is, i dare you to try to run out in the open and fight this Nightfall without dying horrendously every time. It can't be done. You have to be smart, which, in this case, means camping out and sniping.

JeffGUNZ2758d ago

haha I remember trying to drive by the minotours with my sparrow, right after you can ride the pikes or not, then got f'n blown away in seconds. Learned my lesson quickly.

BC_Master_Haze2758d ago

Challenge accepted ;) got my double flame shield and 100% strength + intellect ready to go with the self rev. Vex primary, secret handshake for crowd control and just like my win, my heavy will be... Against. All. Odds. :D

(admittedly I probably won't be able to do it but I'm going to try)

CorndogBurglar2758d ago

Haha. Good luck, Guardian! You'll need it.

JeffGUNZ2758d ago

I love when they add an element damage for the heroic as well. It's bad enough running the strike 6 times across all 3 characters, but this helps it speed up.