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XboxGamer: "I don’t normally do this but instead of recommending it I’m going to strongly suggest that you buy it as soon as you’re financial situation allows. If not, you’re very likely missing out on the Game of the Year for 2015."

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qwerty6762393d ago ShowReplies(7)
Toiletsteak2393d ago

I thought the game was out today, i was really excited only to realise it is out tomorrow... sad times :(

Tedakin2393d ago

Apparently it's going to be up at 8pm eastern today actually. That's what Greenberg tweeted out. I hope that's to play, not just preload or some BS.

2393d ago
Ricegum2393d ago

While not my cup of tea, it's nice to see an indie type of game do well with reviews.

kpat19822393d ago

Looks gorgeous, reminds me a little bit of Trine

nucky642393d ago

I watched some gameplay on youtube - I like it...and it has a wonderful look to it - great art.
however, with games like bloodborne, witcher3, halo:guardians, and uncharted4 all coming out this year, I don't see how ori gets GotY.

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