Dying Light - Patch 1.05 including Hard Mode available

Techland has released the latest update (v1.05) of Dying Light that adds the Hard Mode and many more.


Video with special message from Techland added

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Rob1112757d ago

i like it thanks for share

GarrusVakarian2757d ago

NOW it releases...after I've finished the game and traded it in. ¬_¬

The game became so easy once you started getting weapons that could one-hit-kill most zombies. Zero challenge whatsoever. This difficulty should have been included from the beginning.

Ninjatogo2757d ago

That's why I started going out with no weapons. Nothing but charged punches. (and a few explosive firecrackers)

nucky642757d ago

I only played at night once I got the very strong weapons. - those zombies were still fun to kill.
but yea - I agree playing during the day got boring.

famoussasjohn2757d ago

Well they did say it was coming in March when they made the announcement. Not sure if New Game+ makes it slightly more difficult against enemies, but that was an option as well to level up your character fully.

Therealhoxton2757d ago

New game plus does buff zombies, although they still eventually become one-hits. The volatiles still take 5-6 from my best weapons, though.

core_52757d ago

did anyone knows what the buggy car gameplay is? DLC?

LoneWanderer092757d ago

sounds awesome might just give New Game+ a chance and finally do my run for the platinum trophy.

JamieLeeC932757d ago

Can't wait to run down zombies in that buggy!

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