GTA Online Heists Fleeca Bank Job is a great intro to multiplayer criminal mayhem

After a year and a half of waiting Grand Theft Auto Online's heists have finally arrived. Fans have been clamouring for the multi-stage missions that highlighted GTA 5's single player story to transition to online multiplayer and at last they are here.

After such a lengthy wait though there is every chance that it could all fail to live up to expectations. That remains to be seen, but IBTimes UK has played the first introductory heist on the live public servers, here's our review.

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skawtch2382d ago

I'm so excited for the PC version. I hope it's not a typical Rockstar PC trainwreck.

Palitera2382d ago

Should have been GTA V "heist" review.

Lame and blacklisted on Adblock.