Arcade 360 not receiving any price cut?

Xbox 360 Fanboy writes:

"Since it's been pretty much confirmed that the 20GB 360 is going to be getting a price cut down to $299.95, we hoped that the Arcade SKU would be getting a similar price cut. In light of the rumors of a 60GB HDD SKU though, we did speculate the price drop was simply to clear shelves of the older 20GB units and that the future 60GB unit wouldn't debut at $299.99."

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Real gamer 4 life3965d ago

it seems that microsoft just want to get rid off all the 20 gig version of xbox 360, just to introduce a different model.

LeSouteneur3965d ago

the 20 gig will replace the crappy Core, the 60 gig will be the new "premium" and the Elite will stay the same.

mikeslemonade3965d ago

I think the msrp will stay $280 for the Arcade, but stores will individually lower the price of the system just to clear them off the shelves.

pwnsause3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

if this is true, then yes, they are getting rid of the 20gb, thats bad, why not get rid of the core

marionz3965d ago

all models even the elite have allready just recieved a price cut here in NZ, you can not get the elite for the price the pro was, and the arcade bundle is cheaper then the wii here.

marionz3965d ago

i meant can now get the pro for the price of the elite not *not, sorry didnt have the option to edit my post

QueefyB3965d ago

i am not surprised this is microsoft they make very stupid business decisions

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The story is too old to be commented.