5 Things That Need to Improve for the Next Gears of War Game

This is what Black Tusk Studios and Microsoft need to do to fix the Gears of War series, one that has had its ups and downs.

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DarkOcelet2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

The dark atmosphere of Gears 1
The emotional story elements of Gears 2
The Multiplayer of Gear 3

And Profit...

I want the campaign to feel like just like one in terms of atmosphere and tension. Bring that back and its a definite day 1.

StrayaKNT2758d ago

Apparently they said it was going back to its darker roots and theres a very ambitious team working on it, they are all fans and really love the game. I agree gears 3 multiplayer was amazing, I just cant wait to see some footage of this game.

Mikefizzled2758d ago

I still remember how in the space of what felt like a couple of minutes Tai committed suicide and Ben Carmine died. Only for Dom to finally find Maria in that state and have to put her out of her misery. Sad stuff.

otherZinc2758d ago


Exactly! Those story moments were fantastic and moved the games. Those are a few reasons it made me cringe when people lied saying tell Gears story wasn't good:ridiculous!

Gears need to continue doing what they're doing:
Campaign Co-op
Splitscreen Campaign Co-op
2-4 Online Campaign Co-op
Horde Mode
Bring the Characters back
Hilarious Dialog

Put Gears 1- Judgment games on the XBOX ONE.

Mikefizzled2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Who wants toast? and Cole train runs on whole grain, baby!
Whilst they look wrong without all caps the last time I did I got a warning from a mod...

Gazondaily2758d ago

"I want the campaign to feel like just like one in terms of atmosphere and tension. Bring that back and its a definite day 1."

This is where Gears suffered after the first game. The first game had it, the second kinda tried to hammer emtion in the game (and mostly failed imo) and the third game just went crazy and lost the plot (literally).

Focus on a darker atmosphere with a new cast that I can actually care about.

How ironic is it that the character I cared most about was the chap with the helmet who barely talks and gets sniped in the first game (forgot his name).

2758d ago
Gazondaily2758d ago

Ah cheers Miyamoto. That's the one. Good ol' Carmine. Reminds me of me; clumsy and always the first to get knocked out!

DarkOcelet2758d ago

I doubt the cast will change much. I honestly would want Cole Train back. The guy is amazing.

spicelicka2758d ago

100% agree!!

The atmosphere in Gears 1 was brilliant. 2 had the best story comparatively and definitely the craziest boss battles. And 3 had the best gameplay and multiplayer. Also gears 3 had great pacing, some of the missions were amazing like that tower defense mission, was probably one of my favourites.

It would be perfect if they could mix the best of all 3 together.

Joda2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Part 1&2 were awesome. Part 3 was one giant mouth fart just like uncharted 3. Part 2 had us thinking the queen was Marcus' long lost mom and the locust were a lab experiment gone apeshit in that lab in with niles...part 3 did a total 180 and made the locusts and the queen an ancient civilization. Should've stuck with gears 2 story arc.

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urwifeminder2758d ago

Never played judgement seems like that was a good call enjoyed all three other games though , massive horde mode would be sweet.

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Jdoki2758d ago

I only played 1 and 2 but I enjoyed them.

For me the one thing I'd like to see improved is the AI. There were so many moments where the otherwise fantastic action was slightly marred by stupid AI.

I definitely preferred the atmosphere of Gears 1, and wasn't such a fan of Gears 2. So I hope they get the story telling and tone right.

2758d ago
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