Is DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition a worthy upgrade?

Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot courted much controversy back in the day, when the Unreal Engine 3-powered release traded the series' signature 60fps gameplay for a more detail-rich 30fps experience. Only the PC version could power uncompromised full frame-rate gameplay - and in our tests, it made a world of difference.

Fast forward to today and with the new PS4 and Xbox One Definitive Edition, we finally have 60fps DmC gameplay on console. So is the new release worthy of an upgrade for owners of the last-gen game? Well, today we'll be comparing the new PS4 game with the existing PS3 and PC builds - and as soon as we're done, we'll post our Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 comparisons too.

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JMaine5182758d ago

I didn't play the first one but I'm willing to try this out. Looks good.

AudioEppa2758d ago

I don't understand why these upgrades cannot be set between $20 or $25

To me is just little messed up charging full price for a last gen game no matter how much special treatment that went into it, GTA5 got me but I regretted it two months later and now I'll never pay full price for a definitive addition edition again.

DangerousDAN2758d ago

I think this edition sells for $40. Not exactly the $25 you wish it to be, but also not exactly "full price" ($60).

AudioEppa2758d ago

About an hour after posting this I saw on a different website that it was 40 bucks, my fault for not understanding the retail price, but I still wish it was lower but it is what it is.

JMaine5182758d ago

PS4 ICE Programmer speaking about the AF...