Remember Me 2′s Story Has Been Written, But It’s Up To Capcom To Make It

While Remember Me had its flaws, Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment made Neo Paris an interesting world. "I would absolutely love to [work on a sequel]," Jean-Maxime Moris, Creative Director at Dontnod, said to Siliconera. "We know what we would do for Remember Me 2. The main story has been written we know what we would add to the recipe. We know what we would fix. It’s a game that’s ready to be made, but that decision is Capcom’s to make."

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Life is Strange 2 Being Worked On, Remember Me 2 Unlikely

Life is Strange 2 or some sort of follow-up is currently being worked on from Dontnod according to a developer, their thoughts on Life is Strange: Before the Storm and whether we'll see a Remember Me 2.

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Relientk772484d ago

I loved Remember Me and I wish they'd make a sequel. It's so underrated and overlooked

skycaptin52484d ago

Ya, I would really love to see a sequel someday. Currently waiting for it to be Backwards Compatible so I can play it again!

2483d ago
TheOptimist2483d ago

I am not sure how good an idea this is, but I would love Dontnod to work on Remember Me 2 with Platinum Games. Look at what they did with Nier: Automata, easily in my top 10 games this gen. Remember Me was a unique game and I am pretty sure with Platinum Combat it'll be taken to new heights, though their collaboration with Platinum Games is highly unlikely.

MilkMan2483d ago

More loser news. I didn't give to rats asses about Strange Days or whatever this silly tween game was. I DID love Remeber me though. Guess I know who's in charge over there. Emo mofos.

Tapani2483d ago

I'm 35 and me and my wife loved Life Is Strange. It was very adult-oriented game with very much adult themes in it. It was made and written by people older than me, so yeah it was a mature game. I loved the story and it felt close to me. I thought it was like a great interactive indie movie!

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Life Is Strange Director Talks About The Theme Of "Identity" And Visual Novels

Siliconera spoke to Jean-Maxime Moris, Creative Director at Dotnod, about making Life is Strange, Danganronpa, and the growth of story driven games in the West.

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Life is Strange's "Triforce" of Influences

The latest in what has become a robust genre of episode adventure games arrived on digital distribution yesterday. Life is Strange tells the story of Maxine "Max" Caulfield, a photography student who suddenly discovers that she has the power to rewind time and change her decisions.

WESKER20153362d ago

Looks set to be a great little game.

Takwin3362d ago

It is absolutely amazing. I mean this in the best way, but it is an incredible combination of Telltale's The Walking Dead and a game I personally enjoyed a lot, Gone Home. I like that it is much more freeform than Telltale's adventures.