Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg on Ori and the Blind Forest ; Worth it, beautiful and special

Microsoft will be launching one the most anticipated games of 2015 tomorrow; Ori and the Blind Forest.

Of course the guys over at Microsoft and some reviewers were already able to play the beautiful and emotional game and it would seem that Xbox's head of marketing Aaron Greenberg managed to play the game as well.

In recent tweets Greenberg expresses how he feels about the game.

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Thatguy-3102767d ago

From the second I saw the trailer I knew it was going to be a special game. The way it's trying to tell the narrative is really good. I'm not surprised it's getting great reviews left and right. Hoping it does well so publishers could invest on similar games like it.

BartMoons2767d ago

I actually shed some tears (and with us many others) after having watched the trailer

christocolus2767d ago

The very first trailer was very emotional. These guys did an amazing job. The art style, music and characters are all very unique and likeable.MS should consider expanding the franchise into comic books and tv..

Gazondaily2767d ago

Cant wait to play this. Anyone know what the digital price for the game is on X1?

Automatic792767d ago

This game had Special written all over it. I was truly ready to play since the day I saw reveal at E3.

BartMoons2767d ago

I was shocked the stand for the game at last Gamescom wasn't bigger. Could have made more out of it for such an amazing title.

Tedakin2767d ago

I've been watching this game since that first trailer with the big owl last year. I just knew it was going to be something special. Reviews say it is.

BartMoons2767d ago

@Septic I believe it's $ 19.99 on Amazon

Fro_xoxo2767d ago

I never had any doubt.. So, I'm not shocked by the reviews.

I will take my precious time to enjoy the game.

There's always something to play on XO.


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