Ranking The Call of Dutys

Call of duty is a franchise that has been around for years, some good and others not so much.This list ranks the Call of Dutys from 4 and up in order.

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franwex2758d ago

I think Modern Warfare 2 might be the most entertaining one for me. Interestingly enough I put more hours into Modern Warfare 3 because of the split screen online!

ImHyjack2758d ago

Cod4 Then 2,BOps,WaW,MW2 they all suck after that.

nowitzki20042758d ago

COD4 should always be first, then for me it WAW

urwifeminder2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

My fave as Cod 3 40,000 kills on it no perks or load outs or unlocks . It had issues but still enjoyed it more than any other cod World at war was good.

Draven12342758d ago

Black Ops and Black Ops 2 were my two favourite games. I just loved the maps in both those games, as well as the gun and perk balance. In Black Ops 2, pretty much every weapon was usable which made variety and fooling around so much fun. I remember playing SnD with a Riot Shield and Fast Hands to blow people up with C4! Fun times for sure. Every game since those two have been mediocre. I'm looking forward to Treyarch's next instalment, which should be once again be one of the best in the series.