Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Now Available For Pre-Load on Xbox One

Xbox One players will be happy to know that the game is now available to pre-load on the console.

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NeoGamer2322766d ago

There is no way that a slightly re-engineered, last generation game should be full price... This is a blatant gouge.

They should've had Dark Souls I and II together.

Devil May Cry and Borderlands are far better deals this month. At least with those games you get two full games in one.

brish2764d ago

Almost all the top 10 rated ps4, and xbox one games are remasters:

NeoGamer2322764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I don't care how good the game is, I think that re-masters should be bundled together or sold at a significantly discounted price.

You compare the original releases of Halo MCC, Borderlands, TLOU, Zombie Army, DMC, Saints Row IV, Resident Evil, Metro, Walking Dead, DoA 5, Wolf Among Us, and Diablo III all had huge amounts of content, reduced price, combined more games/expansions/DLC in the IP, or a combination of many to entice gamers to buy them.

Only Square Enix (Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs) and GTA V, required gamers to pay for the game without a significant discount.

Honestly, it would not have taken them much more to bring Dark Souls I into it and give it a collection for the same price. They missed the opportunity to take my money because of it. I will wait until it is $20 now.

LoneWanderer092766d ago

Well what about the PS4 people, i wanna pre-load the game or i could just wait 3 more weeks and play it then.

$59.99 Is a good price considering it comes with all the DLC. I purchased the collectors edition on the PS3 just so that i could get the awesome statue. I will gladly purchase the improved version on PS4 considering i never played the DLC back on PS3.