Xbox One March System Update: Party Chat Improvements, Screenshots and More Now Available

Xbox: This month’s system update on Xbox One brings you some of the most-requested features by our fans including screenshots and improved tile transparency. We heard great things from members of the Xbox One preview program following their sneak preview and are excited to bring these great new features to everyone on Xbox One today.

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Automatic793331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Xbox One just keeps getting better.

urwifeminder3331d ago

Still have not tried screen shot or twitch .

Toiletsteak3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Every month i see these articles and always get excited cause i think it is the new update for preview owners :(

The screenshots are amazing though, i only found out the other day that you can use your friends screen shots as wall papers so if they have a cool one you can rob it.

Gazondaily3331d ago

"i only found out the other day that you can use your friends screen shots as wall papers so if they have a cool one you can rob it."

Oooh didn't realise that.

What else is left for the X1 UI other than improving speed etc? Music in the background is one thing I guess.

Toiletsteak3331d ago

I would like them to add folders or allow more pins because i can't see all my games and i forget i have something because it isn't in my pins, it would be nice to be able to make folders so you can have your arcade games in one and full games in the other.

Gazondaily3331d ago

Good shout Toiletsteak (wicked name).

The general UI does seem really messy. I kind of prefer the neatness on the PS4 minus the format of how you navigate things.

More stability updates and faster navigation, faster loading of achievements, parties etc would be something I really would like.

Still, MS are doing well here.

mcstorm3331d ago

@Toiletsteak I have been saying this for a bit. Ide love MS to add folders like they have with Windows Phone. I have even suggested this in the Beta testing page.

LAWSON723331d ago

I do the same thing lmao. Anyways cant wait to see what comes next, I hope for background music

Fro_xoxo3331d ago

Making the experience smoother by the months. Love it.

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