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Admittedly, Xbox One hasn’t had a lot going for it so far — with the exception of Sunset Overdrive, the Microsoft exclusive titles have either come hand in hand with scandal or have been subpar. What’s worse, it is well noted how nearly every multi-platform game runs better on PC and PlayStation 4. With all of that said, no one game has single-handedly turned around my opinion of a console and its future than Ori and the Blind Forest.

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StrayaKNT1856d ago

It deserves it. The developers would be really proud. Day one purchase from me.

christocolus1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

I'm sure MS is almost done acquiring Moon Studios as we speak. lol. They will be a welcome addition to the family (twisted pixel and press play)

Great Job Moon Studios. you guys got some great talent.

AngelicIceDiamond1856d ago

@Chris I was just about say I think MS owned them or in the process of owning them.

Glad MS absorb a company that's promising.

1856d ago
Vasto1856d ago

I think we have a winner in Ori. The scores are amazing.

starchild1856d ago

Yeah, I was expecting great things for this game, but it's great to see the overwhelmingly positive reception.

1856d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.