Ori And The Blind Forest: The Kotaku Review

"Pleasant. If I had to sum up Ori and the Blind Forest in one word, that would be it. The new Xbox One and PC platformer looks like a magnificently drawn kids' fantasy book sprung to life. It has the lush, magical aesthetic and inoffensive charm that gamers have come to accept—and expect—from indie games."

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lifeisgamesok2762d ago

Wow Ori sounds fantastic

Congrats Microsoft you have another winner!

Kingthrash3602762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

you mean pc and Microsoft. ....and isnt it a timed exclusive to Microsoft consoles?...i mean its a great looking game but its not a Microsoft game.
I dunno that sentance is an iffy one.
Awsome game i want to play this.
Below i was unaware of ms publishing of the game...maybe its not a timed console exclusive ..and yeah it counts as a indie....but who cares indie games are turning out better than aaa games so far this gen anyway. A game is a game no matter how you make it.

maniacmayhem2762d ago

Published by Microsoft on PC and Xbox. Sounds like a MS game to me.

tinynuggins2762d ago

Not an indie. Published my Microsoft.

2762d ago
Kingthrash3602762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I admit i was wrong about it being timed exclusive but it IS a indie (which is not a bad thing)
This surly isnt a AAA game by any means just because it was published by ms.
if that's the case then these sony published games are all AAA:
sound shapes
counter spy
hell divers
Dead nation
....i literally can go on.
nothing against this great game but THIS is a indie. And thats awsome.
Above is full list of sony published games...some AAA MOST indie.

AAA game are big budget games. With big money company deveopers...not publishers.
Indie developers are independent devs with small teams that have the freedoms to make what they wany to make. Not withsome guy in a suit who goal is to make money.
Moon studios developed this game.........yeah not ubisoft or square enixor moon studios.
Tell me what other games they've made without googling it. Hell i had to google who made this game.

I_am_Batman2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Your definition of an indie game is way off. Ori is developed under contract with a publisher and therefore it's not created independently. indie games are self published.

Also the classification "indie game" is neither determined by the game's budget nor by the dev teams size.

2761d ago
Spotie2757d ago

So Call of Duty is a Square Enix game, then? Cuz they publish it.

No, it's an Activision game, because they own the IP and the studios that develop it.

Having a publisher doesn't make a game NOT an indie. All it takes is for the ip and the developer to be independent. If Ori's developer is indie, and they own the rights to the IP, then the game is an indie. Get over it.

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Dennis_the_Menace2762d ago

Wow Microsoft working with the best? Really What are these Xbone fans on. I guess it's okay to be blind. I bet y'all also think the Xbox one sold more than 20 million consoles. Xbone will never catch up to the ps4 this generation. Get ready for the next generation. Coming from a PC and Ps4 gamer

Justjoined1232761d ago

Strange how this pissed you off so badly, why bother?

2761d ago
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