DirectX 12 - Looking back at GDC 2015 and a year of amazing progress

Andrew Yeung writes: At the GDC 2015 Expo, we had a range of live demos including Lionhead Studio’s next beautiful game Fable Legends, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, Unity Technologies’ 3D game engine, Futuremark’s “Farandole” performance benchmark, and Oxide Games’ new game Ashes of the Singularity; all running using DirectX 12 on all the PC hardware you care about: AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA.

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lifeisgamesok2758d ago

Excited to see what the Xbox One can do with DX12 with games looking great today being developed under DX11

headblackman2758d ago

according to Brad Wardell (via the tic podcast interview), most games developers aren't even using dx11. most are still using dx9 (hence the resolution gap) it would be nice to see deves hop out of their lazy mode and do the right thing when it comes to using the full potential of any platform (be it console or pc) this isn't parity, this is blatant gimping. they refuse to us dx11 (and i see dx12 being shafted the same way) and they won't use the azure servers. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT????

urwifeminder2758d ago

Very excited to see the benefits for my lovely pc and xbox .

awi59512758d ago

New direct x isnt worth more micorosoft windows vista BS.

corroios2758d ago

better send it to EA, lol.

Bigpappy2758d ago

Good jab. But it looks like EA will support it, starting with Star Wars BF.