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Ori is a demanding, cleverly intricate Metroidvania-style adventure in which a quick trigger finger and perfect timing matter almost as much as exploring its secret-filled environments.

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ic3fir32759d ago

dificult is a negative point? loool ign=casual

Palitera2759d ago

Postive on my book. I'm so 1337!

But seriously, any chance for a PS4 release?

Otherwise I'll just buy it on the X1...

ic3fir32759d ago

game is published by microsoft, is exclusive MS, you can buy for PC, and comes out later on xbox360.
But if you want more exclusive xbox one and the ori buy xbox one =D

XiMasterChief2759d ago

The game is owned (the IP) and published by Microsoft.

christocolus2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I don't think it will ever come to Ps4. the ip is owned by MS infact they might probably acquire the studio too. they've done that with smaller studios they've worked with in the past.

Digital copy up on Amazon for Xbox one.

bintarok2758d ago

Even a casual game like Ori could beat photo realistic games in terms of grades or reviews. The game proves gamers still can enjoy fantastic games on a 'less powerful' machine.

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kraenk122758d ago

Unlikely if MS doesn't give the publishing rights away. Game is on PC though and I don't think it's that demanding. Most people do have a PC, right?!

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MasterCornholio2758d ago

There's nothing wrong with an 8.5.....

Why o why2758d ago

Great score, new ip, not about guns or steering wheels. VARIETY

well done ms. Impressed. Long may it continue. It will probably not sell those forza type numbers but thats knows this...they are servicing the niche. I hope enough support this.

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Stiffler2759d ago

Too much side-scrolling

I cannot wait to try this out!

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JMaine5182759d ago

This game is getting some great reviews! I can't wait to play it!

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The story is too old to be commented.