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Kevin VanOrd at Gamespot:
"The first ten minutes of Ori and the Blind Forest depict a beautiful and soul-crushing story of friendship, selflessness, and loss. They recall the opening minutes of Pixar's Up! in their melancholy, and like in Up!, the introduction provides an emotional foundation for the life-affirming journey that follows. It is a phenomenal opening--a short and wordless tale, playacted by two expressive characters who move with purpose and demonstrate pure affection towards each other."

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lifeisgamesok2383d ago

Such a beautiful game I love the art style and the gameplay looks great

StormLegend2383d ago

WoW that's some good reviews. I wish this was on all consoles..

Automatic792383d ago

Gamespot is usually tuff on reviews this game is definitely something else.

gamerfan09092383d ago

Another Xbox One exclusive with great reviews. Sooner or later the fanboys will just have to admit defeat.

truegame2383d ago


The game is out on PC, Xone and then later X360.

PlayableGamez2383d ago

The game doesn't release until Wednesday on all platforms.

LaChance2383d ago

Everybody gets to enjoy it except for PS4 owners.

I'll borrow my Xbox to any PS4 owner who is stuck with nothing else but The Order :/ Poor fellas.

2383d ago
JMaine5182383d ago

And there it is. Just be quiet and let the game be great for what it is.

StrayaKNT2383d ago

Lets not start a fanboy war here dude lets appreciate this masterpiece for what it is and talk like civilized humans.

Stiffler2383d ago

There's always that one

Lets all just enjoy gaming regardless of the platform ay?

Dread2383d ago

Dude wtf just enjoy the game and stop bringing up fanboy nonsence

2pacalypsenow2383d ago

Lol and people say playstation fans are anoying

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MasterCornholio2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )


With the release of Helldivers, OlliOlli 2 and with Bloodborne around corner I don't see anyone claiming defeat yet.

We really dont need any fanboy nonsense here. Both systems have great games to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.