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“Platforming Perfection” – Ori and the Blind Forest Review

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StrayaKNT2394d ago

The first review 95/100, i think this game is going to blow minds.

christocolus2394d ago

there will be a lot of perfect scores for this game.

StrayaKNT2394d ago

The art design and music should automatically give it a 10/10 lol nah but seriously this game has looked amazing from the first trailer.

bleedsoe9mm2393d ago

this is what i thought next gen platformer would look like

Stiffler2394d ago

I hope it does. That trailer the other day was beautiful!

MasterBaker2394d ago

winner winner chicken dinner! Can't wait to play this tomorrow!

StormLegend2394d ago

This game looks awesome! Some indies are great!

Neonridr2394d ago

Super jealous I don't have an XB1. The E3 trailer for this had me hooked.

Enjoy XB1ers, please help support a great effort by an indie studio.

truegame2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Great game. Come out on PC and XboxOne and then later x360.

Can't wait to play

Benjammin252394d ago

Just play it on PC. That's what I'm going to do. Doubt you'll need a powerful PC to play it either.

Neonridr2393d ago

fair enough. I didn't realize that it was also releasing on PC too. I will definitely pick it up.


Automatic792394d ago

Can't wait to play this game.

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