Reload Studios to Reveal Debut Project at VRLA

Reload Studios made some waves last year when they announced their intentions to create a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) virtual reality (VR) videogame. Comprised of a number of ex-Infinity Ward staff, Reload Studios have today announced their intentions to reveal this debut project at the VRLA Spring Expo, taking place 22nd March 2015, at the Marriott hotel in LA.

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AudioEppa2761d ago

What's the next ex developers of call duty going to call themselves, KillStreak Games/Studio/Interactive/Enter tainment? lol

BC_Master_Haze2761d ago

Respawn, spray n pray, reload, instant death :D 2 more and the cycle will be completed!

hiredhelp2761d ago

I suspect there be like many devs freelance not tied to a company but employed work on IPs they choose.