Driveclub PSN Plus Version Still In Development, New DLC Pack On The Way

It’s fair to say the PSN Plus version of Driveclub is a ‘little’ late. While the retail version is now out in the wild, and all patched up, the PSN Plus version remains missing.

The PSN Plus version is far from dead, at least that’s what Evolution Studio’s:

”We continue to work on the servers needed for the PS+ Edition to release it ASAP,” the studio wrote. “While we do, the teams not able to support the online work are adding new cars, tracks, events and improvements for everybody already playing the game.”

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Big_Game_Hunters2762d ago

How could a not complete version be missing when the full game is out.

PixelGateUk2762d ago

I'm not quite sure what you mean?

The PSN Plus version isn't just a version with it's own severs. I'd assume they need time to crate the content and severs for the PSN + version, instead of crashing the game all over...again

EvilWay2761d ago

Don't try to defend it. The full game has been out for months now and the Ps Us version was supposed to be basically the same thing but a limited version which should not be hard to make since the game itself is finished.

I honestly don't think it is coming

caseh2761d ago


It's not been released yet because it will undoubtedly crash the servers. It took them weeks/months to sort it out the first time around and they are not about to open the flood gates to every PS4 owner for it to go horribly wrong again.

That's my take on it at least.

BitbyDeath2761d ago

Probably waiting on replays and whatnot to be added before releasing it. Might as well make the game they want to hook people to be the best version.

lelo2play2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Sony are lying their a** off. If this was Microsoft, all hell would have broken loose by now...

Sony have been getting quite a few free passes this gen by it's fanboys and by the gaming community in general.

RCslayer2761d ago Show
Takwin2761d ago



I they WANTED to put it out with servers able to handle it, they would.

Regular people will never know the shameful disaster that the PS+ version of Driveclub has been. It has gotten to the point that no amount of smooth launch, gameplay, and servers will ever redeem this steaming pile.

I LOVE my PS4 and almost all the games on PS+, but every article I see on Driveclub that doesn't say "Free Edition Out Tomorrow" really pisses me off.

omarcomingyo2761d ago

The games obviously finished, it's the servers that would be the problem, I thought everyone knew that, it's been widely reported

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getrektedmate2762d ago

10 months later "Hey guys were still making the PS+ Edition of Driveclub"... Just give us the whole game for free or replace it with something else. Cause i have a feeling That the PS+ version of driveclub will never come out

Kiwi662761d ago

Is it worth them to continue with the ps+ version as most likely the majority of those who were wanting it have probably just brought the full game instead of waiting

GokuSolosAll2761d ago

I don't want a super late dumbed down version. Give me the whole game or a new one, because we pay for 6 games a month and that's one of them.

Honestly, it's absurd at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.